2 bun hairstyles for women

August 08, 2021 August 08, 2021
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Description: 2 bun hairstyles are now at the peak of popularity. You have reached the top of the hairstyle in the fashion world hair
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2 bun hairstyles for women
2 bun hairstyles


2 bun hairstyles are now at the peak of popularity, and there is no end in sight. With so many different hairstyle options, it's no wonder that this cool hairstyle has reached the top of the fashion world hairstyle.


The origin of 2 bun hairstyles


2 bun hairstyles

Think the 2 bun hairstyles that first appeared on Miley's twisted head? Think again! The cake has a long history and can first be seen in Princess Leia, who wore a pair of cinnamon buns in Star Wars. Since then, this style has evolved from two lovely brandy mocha cornbread's to Gwen Stefani's platinum blonde bob hairstyle.


Nowadays, the popularity of this two-bun hairstyle has soared, as seen in stars such as Kylie Jenner and Rita Ora. The styles range from a simple double knot to a bohemian half-up do with a fluffy double-knot and wavy hair underneath, which suits everyone.

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How to make 2 bun hairstyles


2 bun hairstyles

Making a 2 bun hairstyle is easy. All you need is an elastic hairband and two hair clips. You would tie your hair into a ponytail and twist them into a bun. Fix it tightly with a hair clip, and voila! Complete a cool and stylish hairstyle in 5 minutes.

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How to design 2 bun hairstyles with a stylist


2 bun hairstyles

Using up do to make 2 bun hairstyles is the same as a normal bun hairstyle, except that you need to separate some of the hair to put it down.


After separating the hair, tie the top strands into two high ponytails at the top. Then she twisted her hair into smaller double buns and fastened them tightly with hair clips. You can then style the rest of your hair, keep it straight, show off your natural curls, or curl/perm according to your wishes.


How to design a 2-braid bun hairstyle


2 bun hairstyles

If you braid the braids into this 2 bun hairstyle, all you have to do is to separate the hair and braid it and then pull it into a ponytail. However, if you only want to include the braid in the actual bun, first tie the braid in a ponytail, then braid the braids into braids, and then roll them into a bun.


The type of split done depends on the weaving style you choose. For example, the braid starting from the back of the head will be French braided into a high ponytail before being repaired. On the other hand, this 2 bun hairstyle with a corn cob shape should start with a few braids.


Always remember that when doing any kind of bun hairstyle, you should follow the same format:


Separate your hair


Start with braids or pull your hair into a high or low ponytail wherever you like.


Wrap the hair around the elastic band and secure it with a hairpin.


If you are going to make a half-up do, please design loose threads as needed.


Amazing two bun hairstyle


The following is the hairstyle Leah wore in Star Wars. Take a look at these two buns to reverse and change your look.

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1.     Stacked Ballerina Cake


2 bun hairstyles

If elegance is your goal, you will want to get inspiration from such a hairstyle.


Her 2 bun hairstyles are stacked together and tightly coiled to create a classic and exquisite "ballet bun". The ballerina's buns are chic and beautiful, but we like the way she chooses to add interest to her look by stacking one bun on top of another.


The addition of beaded hair accessories adds a beautiful finishing touch.


Pull the hair back into the little ponytail on top of each other. Roll it tightly into a bun and secure it with a hairpin. Make sure to touch the bread. If necessary, use such a haircut to complete.

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2. Rock Cake


2 bun hairstyles

Creativity and personality are the themes of this punk rock look. The beaming shades of crimson and fuchsia are both sexy and evil, while the messy bun shape makes things look modern and interesting. She adds a touch of personality to her appearance by adding rich colors, and the extra hair left from her bun and face brings some personality and size to her hair.


Even if you don't have color locks, you can still do these 2 bun hairstyles. Separate the hair up and down. Wrap the top hair in two separate buns but leave the excess hair in front of the face. Don't wrap the buns too tightly-you want some cords to fall off.

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