A guide about the disadvantages of dyeing women's hair

September 19, 2021 September 19, 2021
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Description: almost women love hair dye ,but do they know the disadvantages of hair dye and the size of damage hair dye cause. this article is about hair dye.
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A guide about the disadvantages of dyeing women's hair
A guide about the disadvantages of dyeing women's hair

Many women like to dye their hair to have a new and attractive look, which is a good thing on the surface, but hair dye may cause some damages to their hair over time.

Read this article to have some information and tips before you dye your hair.
Important precautions and tips before dyeing the hair to reduce the negative effects of changing the hair color, it is advised to pay attention to some of the following tips and precautions before using dyeing women's hair:

Pre-dyeing hair: tips and precautions

Some important things help reduce the damage that occurs due to hair dye:

Hair cut before dyeing

In case the hair is damaged and brittle, it is recommended to cut it before dyeing, as the ends of the hair may absorb the color and give a bad appearance.

Applying the dye by a professional

The dye must be applied by a specialized person to decrease the chances of hair damage, know the appropriate time to apply the dye.

Make sure the scalp is not sensitive

pre-dye hair tips allergy testing

The dye can cause scalp infections when the skin is very sensitive, so it's best to try it on a small area first

The dye does not stay on the hair for a long time, the longer the dye is applied to the hair, the greater the damage to the scalp, hair follicles, and strands.
Therefore, it is not recommended to keep it for a long time on the hair.

Use an ammonia-free dye

It is preferable to choose a type of dye that is free of ammonia that causes hair stress and damage, as many good types are less harmful to hair.

Do not repeat dyeing women's hair

Repeated dyeing women's hair causes more damage and weakness to its follicles, and it also increases the chances of hair loss.

Do not choose a color other than the main hair color

In the case of choosing a color far from the color of the hair, the specialist in hair dye resorts to the use of bleaching powder, and bleaching powder causes great damage to the hair and scalp.

Do not apply the hair dye if the hair is tired and weak, as the dye will cause it to weaken and damage it further.

Therefore, care must be taken to treat it and get rid of hair loss before deciding to change the hair color.

Pay attention to your hair care routine

After applying the dyeing women's hair, you should use a moisturizing cream bath, which helps restore the health and vitality of the hair.

Avoid using heat for hair

The negative effects of hair dyeing should be bad enough and not subjected to further damage through heat.

It is preferable to leave the hair natural and take care of it to look good and soft without resorting to harmful hairdryers and straighteners.

Protect hair from the sun's heat

Exposing hair to sunlight has many health benefits, but with conditions.

It should be exposed to the light morning sunlight and not for a long time, as the rays can cause dryness and damage to the hair, especially after dyeing.

Maintain a healthy diet

One of the important things that shouldn't be abandoned is eating healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals important for hair health, most notably vitamin E.

These vitamins can be obtained by eating different vegetables and fruits daily.

Hair dye side effects

After learning the tips before dyeing hair, learn about the most important damages caused by dyeing women's hair.

Hair damage

Most types of dyeing women's hair contain harmful chemicals that cause hair damage, hair loss, and split ends.

Difficulty combing hair

Not only are the hair strands damaged, but the dye affects its natural shine and elasticity, making it more prone to tangles, and difficult to comb as usual.

Frizzy hair

Dying women's hair is very stressful for its strands and causes smooth, fine hair to turn dry and frizzy.

Women also are using heat to maintain their appearance and thus further damage it.

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