How to color your hair at home Kool Aid Dye?

August 08, 2021 August 08, 2021
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Description: do you seriously like to dye your hair using Kool Aid Mix Drink?we will tell you about how to color her hair at home with Kool Aid dye
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How to color your hair at home Kool Aid Dye
How to color your hair at home Kool Aid Dye

Kool Aid dye, do you seriously like to dye your hair using Kool Aid Mix Drink? Sounds crazy, doesn't it?


But it does work, and it works well on dark hair to get amazing colors without bleaching it!


So how to color your hair at home Kool Aid dye is a logical question and not a fantasy. Women have already experimented with two different ways to use Kool-Aid as hair dye, but one works better than the other.


In this post, we will tell you about how one woman tried her daughter how to color her hair at home with Kool Aid dye, and how to do it yourself to get great results!!


Dyeing dark hair is more difficult than you think!


“My 13-year-old daughter has been dreaming of dyeing her hair a bright color for months. Many of her friends had amazing colors in their hair and just wanted to do something fun too,” says the mother of the girl.


The girl, you have dark brown hair, and the mother suspected that the color would appear in it.


Since she's barely a teenager, she wasn't a big fan of using bleach on her hair until the color showed.


So, the mother began to realize her dream and her journey to find a hair color that appears in dark brown.


She started at her local beauty supply store and bought a semi-permanent color. "We went through the entire smelly process of putting it on her hair, just so it wasn't visible at all," she says.


Then we tried the hair paste we bought from the same beauty supply store. It kind of came out, but it made it tough to style and was gone after one wash."


At first, the mother and daughter reached a point of frustration and disappointment, where she said, "I'm tired of making a big mess in our house only to get zero results from it, and I'm tired of the high price of these experiments!"


But one day her daughter found a chart, listing the flavor combinations of Kool Aid that make the colors in the hair.


"Can you make Kool Aid dye?" says the mother. She asked me.


I didn't know how to answer it. I never thought of that. So, we started doing some research together.


Very quickly, we were able to find a lot of different ways to use Kool-Aid hair dye.


Some have used mixtures of conditioner and Kool Aid. Others made a paste of Kool Aid powder. Some also used the dip dye method.


Most of the methods they looked for were inexpensive and included easy-to-find ingredients.


How to color your hair at home Kool Aid dye easily


The Kool Aid dye hair dye method, which is called hair dye, involves mixing Kool Aid with hot water and leaving the ends of the hair in the mixture until they color.

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We followed the instructions in the letter, and to our surprise, it worked amazingly well! In less than an hour, we had a gorgeous bright color on her brown hair!


The mother’s experience in dyeing hair with Kool Aid dye is summarized:


She seemed to set up an area to work in. They used the bathroom, but if you can work outside, it's best to clean it.


They spread towels on the floor and brought a chair for her daughter to sit on. They were dressed in old clothes.


Kool Aid dye can stain clothes and surfaces, so take a lot of care here so you don't make a terrible mess.


They gathered her clean, dry hair into a low ponytail at the back of her neck.


Then we went to the kitchen and mixed two cans of Kool Aid with one and a half cups of water in a saucepan.


We heated it on the stove and boiled. Let it boil for two minutes, then transfer the mixture to a large cup.

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We used a cup for stability and ease of movement because the handle wouldn't get hot.


Now that the Kool Aid dye is ready, we immediately moved on to its application.


"This is the part where we had to be careful. We were working here with the boiling mixture and any spills could cause injuries," says the mother.


We started by covering her shoulders with two layers of towels to protect her from burns. Then we made her sit on the chair, near the bathroom rooftop. She then gently lifted her ponytail and dipped the end into the hot Kool Aid hair dye mixture.


We let her hair soak in the cup for 30 minutes. When she was done, she gently removed her ponytail from the Coolidge Hair Dye and immediately rinsed it with cold water until the water was completely clear. Then we designed it as usual.


The Kool Aid dye method was very easy, and cleaning was much easier. It also blends well. It ended up with a nice Ombre effect, with the color transitioning gently at the bottom.


The finished product turned out to be beautiful, and the girl was very excited.


The color is supposed to last 4-6 weeks, but I've heard mixed reports from friends about how long the color has been in their hair. "For my daughter's chemically unmodified hair, the Kool Aid hair dye looked so permanent, she kept it for about 4 months with very little fading before deciding to shorten her hair," says Mum.


In this article, we have solved the mystery of how to color your hair at home with Kool Aid dye, you can do this now and add a new experience to your hair!


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