Carrie Bradshaw in Forever 21?! Fashion world talk

August 01, 2021 August 01, 2021
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Description: Carrie Bradshaw enthralled the fashion crowd about wearing a dress Forever 21
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Carrie Bradshaw in Forever 21
Carrie Bradshaw in Forever 21


"As long as I don't wear Crocs, that's fine," thought one Sex and the City fan after Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted in a dress that might be Forever 21 on the Just Like That set ...

Carrie Bradshaw is known for her love of actors

Carrie Bradshaw has always been known for her love of actors, but in the upcoming film Sex and the City, it seems that maybe our famous superhero will appreciate it too.


Sarah Jessica Parker was recently photographed on the set Just Just Like That ... in New York, and the sports team has taken to the stage because Carrie and Mr. Page are more than just fans of their relationship.


Account And Just Like That Closet Instagram, which already has more than 60,000 followers, posted a picture of a paisley maxi dress and suggested that it is nothing more than an original Forever 21. pays for Manolo Blahniks and tends to spend money. He rents more shoes than him on the Upper East Side.


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Spark hysteria on social media as long-time viewers expressed their disbelief at the sight of Parker, 56, in that dress. One fan wrote: "Carrie Bradshaw looks illegal in a Forever 21 shirt." "Carrie Bradshaw and Forever 21 in the same sentence, this year is scary," wrote another. "As long as you don't use Crocs, that's fine," said one user. 

 Forever 21's relationship to the event

Although Forever 21 could not confirm to GEL whether the clothes came from them or not, another Instagram account dedicated to Sex and the City offered a different possibility.

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Each Outfit account on the SATC stated, "Clothing that looks very similar to @ shopraga clothing, which originally sold for $ 140 and was sold in Anthropology in a variety of colors."


A potential fast-paced time comes after legendary fashion designer Patricia Field resumed, and handed over to her friend and former co-worker Molly Rogers. While creating symbolic scenes from all six seasons and two films, Field, 79, thanks a few costumes at The Devil Wears Prada, Ugly Betty, Younger and Emily in Paris.


News of the new fashion designer for a reboot after Field starred with Kim Cattrall, who also refused to return to the iconic role of Samantha Jones in the series. "My diner is with Pat_Field, a true and close friend," the actor wrote on Twitter at the time, posting a photo of the two on a table.


Parker has recently been spotted meeting in New York with meeting actors Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis, and original stars David Eggenberg, Evan Handler, Willie Garson, Mario Cantoni, and Bridget Moynahan. They also reprise their roles as Chris Noth and John Corbett but have not yet been cast.

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