Jill Biden first woman is a fashion star in August

August 04, 2021 August 04, 2021
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Description: In an in-depth interview with Vogue, the first lady Jill Biden talked about the responsibility of balancing the White House while continuing to teach.
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Jill Biden first woman is a fashion star in August

In a new pilot interview, Jill Biden talked about the responsibilities of his job to his family life in the White House.


In an in-depth interview with of Vogue, the first lady Jill Biden talked about the responsibility of balancing the White House while continuing to teach.


Jill Biden marriage


Jill Biden has been married to President Joe Biden for more than 40 years and has been a teacher for more than 30 years. She said it is important for her to do both jobs at the same time. Whether he was training on Air Force One or taking a Zoom course in a hotel room, he said it was difficult for him to continue his daily work.

Biden talk


"I have been hearing this during the campaign," Biden told Vogue. "It's like,' No.'" You won't be able to teach as the first lady. "I said, why not? Are you doing things, right?"

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Biden said, "Don't lose the platform as your first wife" which is also very important to her.


"When I became the second lady (2008), I wanted to do a lot of things, and I always said, ‘I will never lose this platform,’” Biden said. "Now I have a bigger platform, and every day I think...what can I give? What do I want to give up? Something. Anyway, I want to add something, but I don't know it is possible". You have to be careful Because you want to do things well. So, there are many things to do. There are many. There are many things to do. "


The president said that Biden always seemed to know what she would do if she had the current platform and recalled that she did not want to be the wife of a US senator early in her career.


"I know very well, she knows exactly what she is going to do to the first woman," he said. "So, he came in. I think, I know the experience of the deputy prime minister, I know the power of the president, and I know he can turn things around."


In a pandemic situation, there must be a lot of work to involve the first woman. He appeared at the vaccination site to reassure those who are worried about receiving coronary injections, and talked about the US rescue plan, emphasizing its importance to the family.


Biden also talked about expanding the child tax credit


Jill Biden also talked about expanding the child tax credit for direct payments, which will provide millions of dollars to millions of families each year, and restart the joint force, which is a support for his meeting with former first lady Michelle the initiative of a military family. It started under the leadership of the former prime minister. Barack Obama's first term.


President Biden said about her wife


President Biden said that his wife's busy schedule allowed the two to spend more time together than ever before. Although they used to sleep in a local Delaware breakfast every month and eat a local breakfast, their current map makes private time possible.


"I miss her," he said. "I am proud of her...I have traveled all over the country. These events are big events for me...for this country. Then I will find that I work in hell because Talk when I am attentive. Then I may not make one, I will go with her and have important conversations with her! Honestly-so you can buy time together."


Jill Biden about her husband's words



Jill Biden said that the truth about her husband's words about their messy maps exists, but the couple tries to make time for each other.

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Jill Biden said: "I think we should try a little bit more and separate the time from each other." "We almost eat dinner together: sometimes we eat on the porch; last night we ate in the yellow oval restaurant above. We just separated for one day. One part is still lit with candles and still talking." It still separates the phone. "

Jill Biden said about White House


Jill Biden said that in addition to education, politics, and time with her husband, her other priority is that the White House is like a home to her and her family. When the White House was allowed to take the Presidential Helicopter Marine One to land near her home off the coast of Delaware, Biden said that she was not sure when her husband would be able to cross the coast, so she wanted to visit the White House. -The house itself feels very comfortable.

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"I think my business base extends from Delaware to Washington," Jill Biden said. "The bigger the bigger... I hope the White House feels comfortable. It's like my home on the beach, you think you can walk in, your swimsuit is dirty, but it's nice to sit down. I want people with this feeling, make it comfortable and make it her home. "I don't like it, 'Oh, I can't touch this.

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