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Tips for tightening the abdomen after childbirth

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abdomen after childbirth

Most women seek to tighten the abdomen after childbirth because of the sagging that they suffer from as a result of the relaxation of the front muscles of this area, which causes a lot of negative feelings as a result of dissatisfaction and confidence in their appearance, which increases their depression and psychological discomfort during this period.


This sagging occur as a result of weight gain during pregnancy and not following a balanced diet in addition to stopping exercise, so sayidaty site offer you, the most prominent natural mixtures that tighten the abdomen after childbirth, in addition to a set of important skincare tips, if you adhere to them, we guarantee that you will not suffer Abdominal sagging after childbirth.


Natural mixtures to tighten the abdomen after childbirth:


Alum and starch:


We mix two tablespoons of alum and a spoon of starch, add to the ingredients a little olive oil, and water and mix them until they become somewhat liquid, then put them on the abdominal area, leave them to dry, then wipe them with a piece of wet cloth.


Salt and olive oil


Mix a pinch of coarse salt with olive oil, and a little lemon well, then rub the abdomen with the mixture, and leave it for some time, as this recipe helps to get rid of postpartum sagging.


Cumin and lemon


Soak a little cumin with a few lemon slices, leave it for a whole night, then eat it in the morning on an empty stomach.


Mixing egg whites and thyme oil


Beat an egg white with ten drops of thyme oil, then put it on the flabby area until it dries before washing it with soap and water


Tips to tighten the abdomen after childbirth


If the birth was natural, we advise you to do abdominal exercises two weeks after birth, but in the case of cesarean delivery, you should do these exercises after two consecutive months of birth. Do these exercises ten minutes a day for six months.


Walk two weeks after giving birth every day, because walking reduces weight and tightens loose muscles evenly.


Drink a lot of water and eat fruits, because they are rich in vitamins that quickly make the body regain its strength.


Refrain from drinking carbonated water for three months during the postpartum period.


In the case of natural birth, use the abdominal corset starting from the second day of birth for forty days, but in the case of cesarean delivery, you can wear it after a month and a half after birth.


Some studies have proven that breastfeeding heals the sagging of the uterus from the inside.


Not exposing the abdomen to the sun, so as not to increase the cost of it.