11 things to do for a better morning activity

June 10, 2021 June 18, 2021
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Description: If you want to have a restful sleep and wake up early, you must reconsider your daily habits. And to reach a stronger body in the morning.
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11 things to do for a better morning activity 


11 things to do for a better morning activity

If you want to have a comfortable sleep and wake up early, you should reconsider your daily habits because some of them may negatively affect your rest at night.


Most of the statistics show that the world's most successful CEOs tend to get up at five in the morning. If you're someone who gets up early every morning, congratulations. If you are not in this category, you may view these people as superior in their lives.


Writer Kaylin Kahias, in a report published by the American website "Leaders", reviewed some simple tips that will help you become a morning person and have a better healthy body.


Maintain a regular sleep schedule


This advice may be the most difficult in terms of adherence because it requires going to sleep and waking up at about the same time daily. Pick a time when you usually feel tired. And if you don't feel sleepy until after midnight, it could be due to your food or caffeine consumption, which can cause you to be sleep-deprived for up to 12 hours after consuming it.


It is also advised not to sleep extra times on the weekend, as it will disturb your biological clock. When the body gets used to falling asleep and waking up at certain times, it will no longer need the alarm.


Let the light wake you up


Some like to watch their favorite shows in a darkened room with curtains late at night. But these curtains may make your biological clock always think that every time you are in this dark room it is night.


If you want to get up early in the dark winter, you can buy a special alarm clock, which is called a "luminous alarm clock". This watch begins to light up gradually, as an imitation of the light of the sunrise, and its sound begins to rise gradually to wake you up with a mixture of light and sound.


morning exercises


Morning exercise gives you the greatest feeling ever. After your morning workout, you will feel invincible and full of energy and your body has become better and ready for all that awaits you during your day.


This is very difficult to achieve, especially in the dark winter months. Prepare training clothes from the night before, reserve a place in the gym near your home, and do not allow time constraints to stop you.


protein breakfast


Protein-rich meals in the morning helps improve levels of appetite hormones. And you will feel a great desire to eat throughout the day, and thus less likely to overeat at night, ensuring you complete rest during the night and the comfort of your body.


hearty lunch


When you feel hungry after a protein-rich meal in the morning, you should eat a hearty lunch. Although dinner is often defined as the largest meal of the day, it is preferred that it be light. This helps give your body more time to digest food and avoid stomach problems while you sleep.


Napping is forbidden


After a heavy lunch, you might think about taking a nap, but that's not okay. If you are drowsy, try to replace the nap with walking.


If you're at work, try to do things that keep you busy. And keep your sleep until the night so that you have a peaceful and restful sleep.


Change evening routine


Night activities are important for people who get up in the morning. The actions you do the night before affect your next morning routine.


For example, there is a big difference between reading a good book at eight in the evening and drinking coffee until midnight, when you have to get up at seven in the morning. Either way, be smart about your evening routine to make your mornings better.


Replace the screen with books


One of the most important factors that will help you become a morning person is sleeping well. But staring at screens before bed can sabotage your sleep pattern.


This is because the blue light emanating from these screens makes the body more alert at night, which makes it more difficult to fall asleep and reduces your enjoyment of rest throughout the night.


Accordingly, try to stay away from screens two hours before bed if possible, and replace the times you spend in front of screens reading a book. This will prepare your body to sleep.


Prepare your necessities in the morning and at night


You should prepare everything you need in the morning from the evening before, it helps free your mind for the next morning. Also, having everything you need from the night before will motivate you to do other things in the morning, such as exercising and making fresh orange juice.


Enjoy a comfortable sleep


If you've had your phone away from you, you've been away from all screens hours ago, you've made your lunch for tomorrow, and your car keys are on the kitchen table next to the suitcase you put your training clothes in, all you have to do after you're ready for tomorrow is sleep.


And make sure your bedroom is comfortable and warm, so you can have a good night's sleep and wake up with the rays of a new day.


Seven secrets to waking up in the morning:

·        Allow the sun to enter the room

·        Create a daily morning routine

·        Wear elegant clothes in the morning

·        Make your breakfast in the morning

·        Follow a nighttime routine to relax the body before bed

·        Getting enough sleep


Seven foods that stimulate activity:

·        Salmon

·        Brown rice

·        Spinach

·        Nuts

·        sweet potato

·        the banana

·        Yogurt

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