Women body care: Tips for taking care of the buttocks

May 07, 2021 August 23, 2021
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Description: Women body care: Are you looking to arouse your husband through your ass? Here's a guide to taking care of the buttocks or Butt
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Women body care: Tips for taking care of the buttocks
Women body care: Tips for taking care of the buttocks


Women body careknow very well that one of the elements that make them fully aroused is her slender and symmetrical body and the rear part of the basic part of this system, as it plays an important role in the process of temptation and excitement, especially if it is prominent, large, soft, and tight.

However, sometimes the bottom is exposed to skin problems as a result of the appearance of pimples, excess hair, or infections. So what are the most important tips you should know to take proper care of it?


Mekdashi Feda worked on writing about it. Where In an interview with beauty specialist Carol Zemroud, she said, "We must not neglect skin problems by following simple home steps such as peeling, creams, and oils that maintain skin moisture in addition to massages."


If you find intractable problems that require permanent treatment, she says: “If there are pills, anti-inflammatory pills should be used for dermatological treatment. But in the case of upside-down hair, it is necessary to immediately remove them because they cause many infections. But if there are pills that close the pores as a result.


When wearing the cologne, she must undergo a Fractional CO2 Laser treatment, which removes dead cells and makes the skin soft.


What are the necessary care techniques for Women body care and buttocks? 

The Cool Laser technology, which is more expensive compared to other technologies, but re-improves the quality of the skin if it is rough, and improves the performance of collagen for a silky and smooth texture. It can also be used on the knees, arms, any areas that lack smoothness.


What is your advice for home care of the buttocks?


For a woman who wants to take care of the buttocks at home, she can bring a body scrub and put it on the backside before the bath, that is, when her skin is dry, then use the lotion from municipal soap or liquid soap and then apply a moisturizing cream or oils.


The reason for the interest of women in her bottom!

There is a strong relationship between a woman and some parts of her body that may be solid or fluctuating, and its type differs by the extent to which the woman attaches to her.


A recent study found that "a woman maintains a special relationship with her backside, which may transform from being her best friend to her worst enemy.

" And since it is difficult to see the butt, this "may give it a special charm that makes women take better care of it, and try to highlight it more like Hollywood stars, such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyoncé, who have turned into a role model for women with their sexy butts.


" The subject of controversy, according to a poll conducted by the prêt-à-porter Balsamik fashion brand, "Whatever the shape of the buttocks, it does not completely satisfy the woman who wishes to have a perfect butt like the flawless ones.


" It was found that "37 percent of women wish to have a better shape than their backs, and 16 percent are completely dissatisfied with their backs."


The strange thing is that only 5 percent of women are satisfied with the shape of their buttocks as it is, while the rest of the respondents are "somewhat satisfied and satisfied," according to the survey.


A means of seduction and even though most women hate their backside, a woman in five cannot refrain from peeking at her rear, at least once a day. Yet only 7 percent of men share this feminist obsession.


"If the bottom occupies an important part of a woman’s thinking, it is because it is considered a major component of the temptation after the face and chest, which forms a knot for a woman out of three," according to the pollsters emphasized.

 The shorts ... to highlight her and whether she loves it or hates it, women are looking for an effective way to highlight their buttocks. The survey found that "this is what prompts women to attach great importance to pants that highlight the size of the butt more or, on the contrary, make them look ugly." And 67 percent of the respondents said that when they decide to buy the pants, they look at the shape of their bottoms to decide whether to buy them or not.


 ”But when they find the“ magic ”pants that fit perfectly with the shape of their bottoms and give them the back they have always dreamed of getting, they never give it up. 73% of the respondents said that they have a few "magic" pants that they never give up.

These were tips to take care of women's buttocks in the women body care series

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