12 things to do with your partner at the start of the relationship to bring you closer

12 things to do with your partner at the start of the relationship to bring you closer

In my opinion, marital life is more beautiful than living alone without someone, or continuing to live with the first family atmosphere, there is no doubt that your father and mother will not stay with you forever, and there is no doubt that you cannot suppress your lust to the end! Yes, lust is the biggest reason that pushes us to make the decision to engage in a marital relationship. This relationship may go through some difficulties and obstacles in its beginning, but in the end, as I said, it is better than living alone!

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If you are at the beginning of an emotional relationship and want to search for a way to bridge the distance and strengthen the relationship between you and your partner so that everyone knows the other. It is easy and simple, all you have to do is try to do some things together, whether through some activities or actions that should be paid attention to, or even going out with friends together according to the nature of the relationship between you to ensure that you know what each party likes or dislikes.

1-Talk to him often

Do not hesitate to talk to your partner over the phone or even online, to ensure that the distances between you are close and that each party knows more details about the other. Which will make it easier for you to deal with the other in an easy way

2- Going out with mutual friends

You can hang out with your partner at the beginning of the relationship with a group of mutual friends because this will help you a lot in knowing many details about his personality closely. Because each person inherently deals with the truth in front of others, unlike what he would do if you were alone with him.

3- Doing sports together

If your partner is a sports fanatic, you can go out together for an hour's morning walks or even go to the gym together to exercise and support each other.

4- Shopping together

Most of the girls can spend a long time shopping, so you can ask him to share some time with you while shopping. Although some men get bored when shopping, he will do this with you because you will talk a lot and know a lot of details about him.

5- Eat breakfast together

These are great ideas to turn to that will help you spend a long time with your partner. It will also let you know each person's favorite foods as well.

6- Play online together

Because we know that you do not spend a long time with your partner, especially at the beginning of the emotional relationship, you can try playing with him online. This will break the barrier that exists between you to speak freely and break the routine in your usual way of speaking.

7- Read the other person's favorite book

If your partner is a fan of reading, you can read a book together or have each party read the book to the other to share their interest, but unconventionally. Do not hesitate to discuss it in the story, for sure, this will make him enjoy it a lot, and will make each party understand the other's points of view and communicate better.

8- Make a list of your favorite songs

Each side can understand the other by knowing their favorite songs, it may be strange but it is true. You can share a list of favorite songs for you and him so that this music is your favorite at various times.

9- Volunteering in some charitable work

Volunteering to do some charitable work is one of the things that attract men or girls the most, and even reveals more details about each one's personality. That is why you can volunteer to do some charitable work in one of the famous organizations that will ensure that you know how he behaves towards things.

10- Learn new things together

All the time, most of us are looking for courses to learn something new, whether drawing, playing, or a new language, to learn a person for work. This is why you can try asking him what he would like to learn and share.

11- List the things you want to do

You can make a list together of things that you want to accomplish or do, such as traveling or going to specific places together, as this may help you to know how he thinks, especially at the beginning of the relationship.

12- Watching the sunset together

One of the most enjoyable activities that you can enjoy is whether you are sitting with him in one of the high places or even sitting in a place near the Nile. Besides, it will be possible for you to take some beautiful pictures of both of you.