A fashion that many people did not pay attention to

April 30, 2021 April 30, 2021
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Description: is a fashion that many fashion seekers did not notice, as it appeared and was reported by the media in 2016!
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A fashion that many people did not pay attention to


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In the year 2016 CE, four years ago, fashion trends reached girls wearing their shirts in a reverse fashion, before leaving their homes, showing their bare backs to everyone. But not much has been seen about this.


The British newspaper "The Metro" reported this news at the time, indicating that this fashion trends had spread from the fashion catwalks to the circles of bloggers on the Internet pages who enjoy extra popularity and from them to ordinary urban residents.


As usual, this tendency has spread widely through social networks, and it seems that it is seizing the minds of millions of people.


Also the topic of accessories or fashion accessories in its time, where tufts of wool or fur became at the height of popularity, as these accessories are used to decorate everything, from costumes, bags, and even earrings in the ears and fingernails.


In addition in fashion trends, women began dyeing their hair a heavenly color to match the color of their jeans, knowing that they braid it in the form of cones that mimic the horn of the mythical unicorn.

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