How do you choose your accessories?

May 02, 2020 July 07, 2021
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Description: this article talks about a set of tips on how to choose your accessories For a consistent and attractive style.
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How do you choose your accessories?
how do you choose your accessories

Not only the appropriate makeup and the modern clothes that highlight your beauty are what control your appearance, but the accessories come to complement all of this and give you the required radiance and in this way, you become a wonderful and impressive lady in the eyes of everyone who sees you and therefore we decided in this article to talk about a set of tips on how to choose your accessories from For a consistent and attractive style, as follows:


Tips for choosing your accessories



1-    You should choose accessories that suit your clothes, for example, accessories that contain gemstones give you an elegant and bright look, while those that contain stones and beads give you a casual look.


2-    Likewise, when you buy earrings, you must consider the shape of your face with the clothes you wear. The long earrings are suitable for the round face, while the circular earrings are suitable for long or long faces.


3-     Ankle bracelets give the legs length when you wear a short skirt. The high heel with a simple and slim anklet gives a lustrous look.


4-     Casual clothes such as jeans are suitable for casual accessories such as leather and silver necklaces.


5-     Always try to give yourself a consistent look, for example wearing a gold earring with silver bracelets or a necklace of colored beads that give an inconsistent look.


6-     Avoid wearing a lot of accessories, as wearing earrings with necklaces with bracelets with ankle bracelets give a fuzzy look.


7-     Don't wear more than two rings in your hand. Also, patterned dresses do not need to wear necklaces.


8-     Avoid wearing large and wide rings if your fingers are short... If your fingers are long, stay away from rings with small lobes because they give a greater suggestion of their length.


9-     If your neck is short, stay away from wearing tight contracts because it does not suit you.

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