Sicily Bags and other bags in fashion world What's new?

September 03, 2020 September 06, 2021
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Sicily Bags and other bags in fashion What's new?
Sicily Bags and other bags in fashion What's new?

The bag is a commodity with many benefits, as it relieves a lot of trouble, including collecting things and keeping them in them, which relieves the hassle of carrying multiple things, this is impossible at times!


But the bag is not always the essence of interest, even if this is its most important goal, but it entered the fashion world from widest doors, and design companies innovated in designing bags of a unique type, some of which were so famous that their price exceeded five thousand dollars!


In our article, we will talk about 3 international brands, and talk about the latest bags that they have created, including the dolce Gabbana Sicily 62 bag, the Balenciaga Neo Classic bag, and the Solferino bag.


Yes, everyone knows who is interested in the fashion world that these bags are of high quality, so we will talk about the launches of these bags and some things about them.

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New Sicily Bags


Two new versions of  Dolce & Gabbana's iconic Sicily bags are Sicily 58 and “dolce Gabbana Sicily 62” Sicily 62, which refer to the birthdays of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the brand's founders, who were born in 1958 and 1962.


dolce Gabbana Sicily 62

dolce Gabbana Sicily 58

These two bags were manufactured from the finest French and Swiss leather, after having undergone a special treatment to preserve their natural appearance and the lining of the nappy leather in them was cut, using the central part to ensure the highest quality standards.


Each bag is also characterized by its practicality and its spacious design. Inside, you find two different compartments with a leather separator between them, in addition to adjustable leather straps.


The Sicily 58 Bag comes with a flip cover plus a back pocket. The larger model is available in the following colors: black, taupe, hot red, light pink, navy blue, onyx black, blue, orange, and mahogany.

 The smaller model is available in black, light pink, hot red, navy blue, dark emerald green, green, lavender, white, peachy, and black.


As for the Sicily 62 bag, it is suitable for shopping trips and comes with a center hole on the sides. This model is also available in two different sizes.


You find the large version in black, hot red, navy blue, and onyx black.


While the small version is available in black, dark gray, dark pink, hot red, pink, yellow gold, Bordeaux, mahogany, and lavender.


Balenciaga Neo Classic


In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Balenciaga Classic collection, the Balenciaga Neo Classic has revived the iconic design, with an updated look, different dimensions, and a revamped interior.


Balenciaga Neo Classic

Available in a variety of sizes ranging from the City Nano to the City L, the dimensions of the new Balenciaga Neo Classic, with exposed edges and Nappa lining, appeal to the contemporary feel.


The classic Balenciaga bag was initially popular thanks to the love of stars and models, which solidified its place on the historical list of the most desirable bags.

The Neo Classic bag officially launched for the first time at the Balenciaga Winter Show 2020. The design of this bag is familiar, being both a classic design for Balenciaga bags and an integral part of Balenciaga’s current identity.


Made of leather and available in several sets, including printed crocodile leather and calf leather with a spazzulato technique, the Neo Classic bag, with tassel and sharp edges, represents on the one hand a permanent design for a modern classic and on the other hand symbols unique to the fashion house, whose artistic management is headed by designer Demna Gvasalia.


All Neo Classic colors are included in galvanized iron and painted edges.

Complementing this collection of bags is a full range of small leather accessories, including credit card purses and shoulder straps.


The Balenciaga Neo Classic was collected launched in select stores on July 21, 2020.


Saint Laurent introduces the Solferino Bag


This fall 2020 house Saint Laurent is displaying the Satchel Solferino bag.


Saint Laurent introduces the Solferino Bag

 This new bag has two versions: The first is a solid design with an exclusive template for Saint Laurent made of leather and is available in two different sizes, and the second is a flexible suede design available in a medium-size, along with a wide range of fabrics and colors.


Thanks to its short grip and mechanical logo in the shape of the logo, the Solferino bag joins Saint Laurent's essential bags. Price from $ 2,490.

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