Obama's youngest is still the most traded after appearing in nice forms at the Biden party


Obama's youngest is still the most traded after appearing in nice forms at the Biden party


Barack and Michelle

Despite their departure from power and the spotlight, Barack opama and his wife Michelle continue to occupy a prominent place in the American people, with love and passion extending to the young as well, after their appearance at the inauguration of U.S. President Joe Biden.


Riley Madison, a 4-year-old baby model, and her boyfriend Zayden, 4, also saw the couple, Barack and Michelle, at President Joe Biden's inauguration, eager to wear the same outfit in design and color.


When Zoe Hampton, Riley's aunt, saw her niece, and insisted on following the beloved couple, they decided to have a photo shoot, because they loved the couple's clothes, Barack and Michelle, and they put them on social media.


Hampton admits that the family was surprised by the responses they received, with the original publication receiving more than 100,000 likes, and fans praised the stunning photo.


The surprise came as Michelle Obama commented on the photos, with the photos posted on her Twitter and Instagram page with the caption: "Riley and Ziden, you've succeeded!"


"We never expected the volume of commentators and followers to reach the amount of time we didn't expect Michelle to see it already, it's truly amazing and we're so grateful for the support and love that the photo has received," Hampton said.


The new Lady of America


Like Joe Biden, U.S. First Lady Jill Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris chose to wear costumes signed by American designers.


During the inauguration ceremony of the new president at the White House, in accordance with a long tradition in this context.

The new American, Jill Biden, wore a tweed dress and a blue coat by Alexandra O'Neill from Markarian.