The story of the woman whose image will be placed on the U.S. currency


The story of the woman whose image will be placed on the U.S. currency


harriet tubman
harriet tubman

White House spokeswoman Jen Sake revealed that the Treasury Department is already taking steps to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 paper, as planned under former President Barack Obama's administration.


Harriet Tubman


Harriet Tubman was an American political activist on the abolition of slavery and the death penalty, escaping from slavery at an early age.


Harriet is known for presiding over dangerous operations to free slaves and rescue them from their owners using a network of activists, safe houses, and secret railways.


She risked her life helping other slaves and helped about 70 people flee to the north before slavery was banned, and during the American Civil War, Tubman worked as a nurse and later became the first woman ever to lead an armed attack during the American Civil War, according to al-Ain News.


The story has old papers:


In 2016, former President Barack Obama decided to replace Topman with Andrew Jackson in the $20 coin, celebrating the idea of honoring the "runaway slave" over the slave owner, the Guardian reported at the time.


But Donald Trump, the former US president, rejected the proposal, even putting a picture of Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office.


The U.S. Treasury Department is expected to issue new $20 banknotes featuring the image of the black-skinned activist Harriet Tapman, a victim of slavery, making her the first woman to print her picture on U.S. currency banknotes.


U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew had announced that the soon-to-be-released banknote would carry the image of Harriet Tubman, ending a five-year wait.

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