6 daily tips for caring for the sensitive area


6 daily tips for caring for the sensitive area


caring for the sensitive area

The sensitive area is an important area for females, especially if the woman is married. The fashion world web has already written about

The fastest way to lighten sensitive bikini and armpit areas.

But some females think that taking care of these areas for married women only, which of course is not healthy, these areas are a breeding ground for infections, bacteria, and fungi, they should be taken care of well and cleaned continuously and careful to moisturize them with the surrounding areas of the body. In this article, we will present 6 daily tips for integrated care in the sensitive area of Your Life Magazine.


Cleaning the sensitive area


The sensitive area is usually moist and warm, making it a good place for bacteria and fungi to grow, as well as vaginal discharge, urination, and sweat, which activate swells and spreads, causing infections. Therefore, you should be careful to wash it with a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin, free of fragrances and alcohol with warm water, and to clean it well from the front and back to keep the bacteria and fungi away from the entire area.


Peeling the sensitive area


Peel sensitive areas of your body once a week. You can use a natural ingredients peeler or a specialized chemical peeler, and make sure there are no allergies or infections in the area so as not to make it more serious.


Quality of underwear


 Make sure you choose the type of clothes you wear, especially in the summer. If the area you live in is very hot, the clothes should be wide and loose and do not wear tight clothes, because they trap moisture in the body, causing exposure to heat, sweat, and bacteria, causing infections and disturbing odors.


Changing clothes and clearing the area


You should change your underwear at least twice a day and you should do so after you return from abroad or have a hard physical effort before you go to sleep. For disinfection, after the menstrual period is over, cleanse the vaginal area using lotion or musk and apply the appropriate amount to a piece of cotton and wipe it thoroughly.


Exfoliation after hair removal


After shaving your delicate area, make sure you use a nice peeler. If you have burns, pills, or any infections caused by subcutaneous hair growth, it's best to wait until these problems disappear before you remove the hair.


Stay away from opening pimples and hot water

Do not try to open the pimples produced due to the violent growth of the hair under the skin as this may cause bad effects distorting the shape of the hair just stay away from hair removal at this time, and do not try to use any sharp instrument and consult the doctor if necessary. Also, after you remove the hair, do not bathe in hot water because it will cause infections of pores, and do not wear tight clothes afterward.