Useful tips for choosing your accessories collection carefully


Useful tips for choosing your accessories collection carefully


Our work in an article about talking How do you choose your accessories? , This article is similar to him, of course, carries new ideas!

The idea of buying and storing many necklaces or earrings may seem very tempting, but storing them eventually leads to a tangled mess of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that are difficult to untangle, arrange, and coordinate even with clothes. This mess caused by the accumulation of so much jewelry you have will certainly affect your choices and you will always be confused.

Therefore, think of your accessory collection as the perfect way to collect distinctive pieces that express your personality, so be selective in your choices. And accessories are also not absent from fashion models and haute couture designers.

To help you, here are some tips that will help you arrange your jewelry box and get rid of pieces that don't suit you and cause you chaos without giving up the distinctive and practical pieces that really lasts.

Arabic website, Arabi Post wrote the top five useful tips to choose your accessories collection carefully. We'll look at it together.


Five useful tips for choosing your accessories collection carefully


1.     Priority for everyday jewelry

The first two things to consider when choosing what jewelry to keep are: determining the type of your favorite pieces, as well as how many pieces your collection will consist of. Choosing essentials and choosing your favorite pieces is very personal, albeit difficult, process.

How is it? Try to keep with the basics and that usually wear a lot with many of your clothes or old pieces collected mentioned the particular improve to get married usually do. Any piece you wear almost every day, you have to keep it. But, what if you have just started building a jewelry collection for the first time?


Try to start by buying some everyday earrings. Instead of buying the first shiny thing you see, keep in mind to choose some key pieces appropriate for everyday use such as stud earrings, which fit most clothes and occasions.

If earrings are not your specialty, then you can consider buying simple rings that will suit your personal taste.

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2.     Think carefully before you buy

As with buying clothes and grocery items, choosing where to spend your hard-earned money, when shopping for jewelry can be challenging. With so many options and stores to choose from, try buying from brands you trust and know that their pieces last and don't wear out easily. Most importantly, choose pieces that are timeless and you can wear them always. (look fairy season site )

Before buying any piece, ask yourself-is simple and timeless, and if so they could add her to your group.


3. Choose the classics

Choosing a piece made of 14k gold will enable you to wear it over the years without losing its luster. Necklaces or rings decorated with a nameplate, for example, are a fun and classic item in your collection. Classic key pieces include a gold chain, gold collars, and anything inlaid with pearls.


4. Think about your budget

In useful tips for choosing your accessories a collection carefully, we saw the need to look at the budget and it's too important not to make the purchase of jewelry never the process of reckless. If there's something you really like and you know you want to invest in, you can think a few days before you buy it.

In fact, pieces do not need a high price to be classic, amazing options are already available on any budget.


5. Make an annual inventory

If you can no longer remember exactly how many pieces you have, it's time to do the annual cleaning that is the best way to find out what you already have and what you want to dispose of or keep.

To do the annual inventory of your jewelry, put everything you have in front of you and think about its condition, is the piece in good condition or not. Then think about its emotional value for you and the last time you wore it, ask yourself if you have space to hold it, and answer this question honestly.

The periodic review of your group will help you get rid of pieces that no longer suit you, and perhaps remind you of with others to have forgotten her. A good way to help you decide is to ask yourself when was the last time you wore it and whether it has any value to you.

You only need to follow the same rules with the accessories like you do with your clothes: if you don't wear something within a few months, it is likely not worn at all, so it's best to get rid of it.

These were the top five useful tips for choosing your jewelry collection carefully. We'll be happy to have fun reading other articles here on the fashion world web.