Elegant masks to prevent infection with the COVID 19

elegant masks
Elegant masks to prevent infection with the COVID 19

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With the advent of the COVID 19, and with the spread of the virus on all countries of the world, and with the expansion and discovery of new prevention methods to combat the epidemic, humans have made masks, treatments, and antibiotics in a great, as well as the establishment of special hospitals for HIV patients, to reduce its infection.

In this context, countries have competed in making breathing apparatus and selling it to other countries, and among the things that have increased their production are masks, which are an easy and portable means of prevention everywhere and at all time, especially when leaving the house, and these masks are made of many shapes and colors. It is interesting to look like this to fit the clothes that humans wear, and in this article we will give examples of beautiful design and esthetic-to-wear masks rather than traditional, uniform, and plain cloth.


Men Sun Protection For The Face With 5 Filters

mask for men

 This gray mask, made of cotton material that feels  comfortable, especially in the nose and mouth area, where  according to the store, the cotton ratio is 100%, and is closer to the scarf. It also protects against the virus, which protects against the sun, and contains 5 filters, as it appears in its full name, which are used for men and which we believe it can also be used for women.

This product only costs $6, and the mask can be bought here


Tie-Dye Breathing Washable Valve Face Mask Without Cord Lock Toggles

mask for woman

 This mask is made of polyester, as we see it, has a black   circle,-- and is a filter for breathing fresh air, and the beauty   in this mask is that it is usable again after washing. Its size is   22cm * 14cm and is suitable for Cycling, running, Cycling, Hiking, skiing, carpentry, and other outdoor activities.

For only $7, other types and colors can be selected from the same site at a lower price, the mask can be purchased here


lovely Cosy Leopard Print Dustproof Face Protection

mask covid 19

 The product has a lot of interest and buying, it is an elegant mask that can fit a lot of clothes, the colors of this garbage are black and white, and these are the colors of many girls' favorites.

As the site says, it can protect against dust, and it is designed to do so. It is made of polyester and weighs just 200 grams. And only $5.