Your hat tells your beauty secrets

Your hat tells your beauty secrets

your hat tells your beauty secrets

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At the beginning of the summer, you need my lady to protect you and protect your head from harmful sunlight, and of course, you only have a hat that performs this purpose in an excellent way, but to choose hats, in general, are rules and principles so that they are suitable for you and what you wear in a way that complements your look and beauty and these rules we will discuss in this article over the next few lines as tips to help you choose your perfect hat as follows:


Tips when choosing hats


1- Choose the hat that fits your face and compliments your skin tone for your beauty. For example, the long face is not suitable for the high hat while the round face looks nice with the high hat. As for the face, which is characterized by the supplied cheeks, it appears distinctive with a brown cap.


2- Choose the angle: for example, the sun hat should be concentrated on the back of the head, while the fedora hat should end over the eyebrows, it's very beauty for you!

Also, the Beret caps must rest on one side of the head, and you can choose the one that suits you the most.


3- Choose the right size, as your cap must not fall on your ears or fall off your head. It also should not be too tight to cause a headache or leave a red mark across your forehead when removed.


4- Decorate your hat and add to it your personal touch by adding a pin or adding feathers, flowers, or ribbons.


5- Matching the hat to the clothes: a fedora hat, for example, is suitable for going out in a long beach dress, while a sun hat is not suitable at all in winter. Don't forget to look at the seasons in search of beauty! .


6- It is okay to wear sunglasses with any kind of hats,, you are part of the beauty of the planet anyway :).


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