How to clean eyebrows in simple steps

clean the eyebrows
clean the eyebrows

Fashion world hairthere are several ways to clean the eyebrows. We will present to you the methods in detail to clean the eyebrows for each woman and girl.

ways to clean eyebrows:



First method:


We must first define the shape of the eyebrow, by combing the eyebrows upward using an old, dry mascara brush or using an eyebrow brush and cutting the long hairs. We define the shape of the eyebrow using white eyeliner around the eyebrows to facilitate the cleaning process without changing the shape of the eyebrow. We put a line using the concealer under the eyebrow, and it is possible to use the foundation cream instead of the concealer.


We clean the eyebrows, whether with tweezers, a wick, or a mousse, to remove excess hair from the eyebrows without plucking.


Second method:


We also define the shape of the eyebrows using a white kohl pencil or concealer. In the market, there is a specialized hair removal gel for the eyebrows. Apply it around the eyebrows without changing the shape of the eyebrows after combing the eyebrows upwards. The long hairs are removed with great care so as not to decrease excessively so that the eyebrows remain at one level.


We apply the gel to the excess hairs with a wide-bristled brush, then we fill in the spaces in the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil with the appropriate color for the hair.


Third method:


Follow my dear with us this very simple method, we prepare the eyeshadow “eyeshadow” in a beige color, or it is possible to use a face powder that is one or two shades lighter than the skin color. We draw a thin line with a thin brush below the eyebrow in the shape of the eyebrow to be made, using any shadow or face powder.


Fashion world hair, we shade the drawn line to cover the small hairs in the direction of the eye. Then you complement the makeup as appropriate for you.


After completing the makeup, we draw two lines from the bottom and top of the light eyeshadow or face powder again using a thin brush, then gently shade these lines.


Fourth method:


This method is very easy to clean the eyebrows without plucking or plucking the hairs. Follow the method in detail. First, we will need a thin brush to determine the eyebrow drawing that fits the face, measuring according to the nose.


Put the brush in a straight line from the middle of the nose to the beginning of the eyebrow, to determine the beginning of the need. We move the brush gently in the direction of the pupil, up to half of the eyebrow, to draw the arc of the eyebrow.


Move the brush from the end of the eye to the end of the eyebrow to define the end of the eyebrow. We use any shadow or eyeshadow in dark brown, powder, or gel.



Other ways to clean eyebrows:




Fashion world hair, It is the use of a cream to lighten and remove the extra small hairs around the shape of the basic eyebrow, we just put a little peeling cream on a very thin brush, then we carefully draw a line in line with the shape of the eyebrow from below.


Trim the excess hair around the eyebrow:


clean the eyebrows, We use a clean toothbrush or an eyebrow brush and comb the eyebrow hair upwards, then we cut the long hairs until they become consistent in length and equal with the shape of the eyebrows, then we comb it horizontally, then we draw a line of a little concealer cream or concealer on a thin brush On the borders of the eyebrows from the bottom and top and put a little face powder to obtain a wonderful result without plucking or plucking the hair.