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December 28, 2022 December 28, 2022
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popular today in Spain

The tribute that the Valencian Community will pay in 2023 to the voice of the incomparable Nino Bravo

More than 10,000 people, according to the chronicles of the time, attended the funeral of singer Nino Bravo in Valencia on April 18, 1973.

The black and white images show how difficult it was for the coffin, among a sea of people, to get from the chapel to the niche where the remains of someone who only four years earlier had triumphed singing tender lyrics with a torrent of voice that continues to amaze were to rest. .

The newspaper archive of La Vanguardia collects in a news photo that "thousands and thousands" of people accompanied his family in that sad goodbye that is now half a century old.

The anniversary of that car accident that took the Valencian artist away is the excuse to value his figure throughout the next year, since 2023 will be the Year of Nino Bravo in the Valencian Community.

The City Council of the artist's hometown, Aielo de Malferit, declared it so last November and asked the Corts Valencianes to extend it to the entire Community.

The plenary session of the Valencian Parliament unanimously approved it last week and yesterday the first meeting of the Nino Bravo Commission was held in Aielo after this declaration.

His daughter and his son-in-law are part of it, part of the municipal corporation and the writer Darío Ledesma, author of the book Nino Bravo: Voice and Heart (Editorial Milenio, 2022).

The mayor, who is also a member of the Commission, is particularly satisfied that the declaration was approved unanimously in the Valencian Parliament.

"It gives impetus to the knowledge of this artist throughout the country, it is important because it does not remain local," explains Juan Rafael Espí Mompó, Aielo's first mayor.

One of the actions that are already defined in the celebration is the renovation of the artist's museum, inaugurated in 2006.

In November the regional Secretary of Tourism announced that it would sign an agreement with the Aielo de Malferit City Council, endowed with 40,000 euros, for “ digitize and renovate the Nino Bravo Museum, one of the most significant tourist pilgrimage points in our interior”, they explained.

Now also, adds its mayor, the Department of Culture has committed to the City Council to finance part of the renovation of the museum, which is publicly owned and is endowed with material owned by the artist's family.

“There is an economic commitment to be able to finance it, although we don't know in what percentage, but the idea is that in the first quarter it will be totally reformed”, he explains.

The improvement of the museum is part of the commitment to cultural tourism around the figure of the singer.

The municipality, which closes this 2022 after having been the Valencian Cultural Capital, wants to make the image profitable as a reference for the Spanish pop music of Nino Bravo and that this also redounds in the local economy.

Today there are cultural routes that delve into his musical career, discography and awards received, where the costumes he used in his most important performances are even shown.

The ideas are still taking shape, but in addition to the modernization of the museum that bears his name, it is expected to enhance the annual event that every August 3, the date of his birth, is held in Aielo.

Usually there are more than 1,500 people who attend the Nino Bravo Festival, but it is expected that this 2023 can be expanded to many more.

One of the options that is being considered with the Generalitat Valenciana is the performance of the Symphony Orchestra of the Valencian Community, and to this event as well as to others the consistory would like to add local entities of various kinds to involve the population as much as possible.

In fact, at the end of January there is already an almost closed date to start the celebrations around the figure of the Valencian singer after that massive and sad farewell to the voice that continues to move his followers fifty years later.

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This year we had stories of all kinds

Some made us jump with emotion, others froze our blood, but few sent us to the canvas for being so sad and emotional. Yes, 'Pinocchio' by Guillermo del Toro is one, but not the most intense.

What is the true meaning of watching a movie? Fun? An excuse to sleep cuddling with someone? A refuge from reality?

They are all true at the same time, each spectator has the truth about him and processes the stories according to his own experiences.

Despite this, it is possible to connect with the feelings of others and have to agree on our emotions.

This is how Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio (The Shape of Water) became one of the saddest stories of the year, but did you know that there is a devastating movie that will lead you to delve into your deepest memories?

Before presenting you with our selection of the saddest and most emotional films that 2022 left us, we recommend that you find yourself in a comfortable place, loose-fitting clothes and... some handkerchiefs, if necessary, it is better to be forewarned on these dates of the year when our mind experiences so many things at once, even more so if you're an avid moviegoer (our top will start with the spot-worthy movies, but the latest is our crown jewel).


We will begin with a calm rhythm on this scale with Heaven Is Anywhere, a film directed by Josephine Decker (Madeline's Madeline) that presents the story of Lennie (Grace Kaufman), a 16-year-old girl who likes to read books and play the clarinet. .

She lives with her Big's uncle (Jason Segel), her grandmother (Cherry Jones) and her sister Bailey (Havana Rose Liu).

When her life seemed to be completely calm, everything changes with the sudden death of Bailey, this brings a wave of sadness and depression for the young protagonist, who is sure that no one in the world can understand her pain. And when she least expects it, she finds a ray of light in two young men: Joe (Jacques Colimon), the music-loving new kid in town; and Toby (Pico Alexander), her sister's ex-boyfriend, with whom she can try to grieve.


Of course at Christmas happiness is everywhere, but let's stop the idyllic concept behind it, because unpleasant situations also happen and yes, people also have a bad time next to a little tree full of lights and gifts.

This is what Spoiler Alert reminds us of, a tape that shows a couple made up of Michael (Jim Parsons) and Kit (Ben Aldridge), who, in the middle of December, discover that one of them is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Can you imagine if, out of the blue, you are told that the love of your life is about to lose his life?


If you want to throw yourself in bed and just watch Netflix with a can of ice cream in your hands, without fear of ending up in a mess, then A Jazzist in the Blues Key could become a great option.

The story directed by Tyler Perry (Madea's Funeral), follows the story of Jonathan Dupree (Kario Marcel), a district attorney who, in the late 1980s, receives a request from an old woman to investigate a murder. which took place more than forty years ago.

Although he has no particular interest and is more focused on growing his career, Dupree takes a look at the packet of letters the old woman has left for him and discovers, overwhelmed, that the information connects to his own family history, which tells of a young African-American jazz singer who leaves his rural town in search of fame.

Twists of the screw and connections to a family's past could leave you down for longer than you expected.


Of course this top should have a movie based on a novel.

Thus comes Hello, goodbye and everything that happened, which adapts the homonymous story by Jennifer E. Smith and focuses on Claire (Talia Ryder) and Aidan (Jordan Fisher), two young people who, after making a pact to break before leaving for college, they find themselves retracing the steps of their relationship on their last night together.

The epic date takes them to familiar and unexpected places as they wonder: stay together or say goodbye forever? Is it worth letting things flow or better common sense?


Love stories also carry some tragedy, but since we are focusing on a compilation with the saddest of the year, we will talk about Between Life and Death, a tape that shows us the hard times that Tessa (Joey King) must go through after the love of her life, Skylar (Kyle Allen), is killed in a tragic car accident, where Tessa survives.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. signs with Real Madrid; Does CR7 return to the White House?

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr will return to play with the Real Madrid youth team and this would make his father, CR7, return to the merengue team for at least six more months.

As if it were the advance of a much bigger announcement, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. will return to Real Madrid to continue his development as a footballer. Will his father return to the merengue outfit?

Reports indicate that Cristiano Jr. will return to Real Madrid's development teams, where he was while his father, Cristiano Ronaldo, played in the first team.

Cristiano Junior was playing until the end of the year in the under-14 squad of Manchester United, where in 20 games, he scored a total of 54 goals.

Real Madrid would offer a contract to Cristiano Ronaldo

Various media outlets have speculated about the return of Cristiano Junior, son of Cristiano Ronaldo, to Real Madrid CF youth football.

There is talk that Cristiano Junior would be the hook for CR7 to return to the merengue club for at least six months.

Cristiano Ronaldo's son comes from playing for Manchester United's Under 14s, where he scored more than 50 goals in 20 games.

Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo made history at Real Madrid CF by becoming the team's best goalscorer of all time.

Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro arrived at Real Madrid CF in 2009, playing 438 official games, in which he scored 451 goals.

His achievements with the merengue team were the following:

4 European Cups.

3 Club World Cup.

3 European Super Cup.

2 Leagues.

2 King's Cups.

2 Spanish Super Cups.

He is the top scorer in the history of the European Cup (he scored 105 goals in the Champions League with the whites); Madrid's top scorer in the League (312); most games of three or more goals in the history of the League (34); and more goals in a season with Real Madrid (61).

He also broke the record for goals in an edition of the Champions League with 17 goals. He was Pichichi (top scorer in the League) in 6 editions.

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