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December 28, 2022 December 28, 2022
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Description: noble gestures, scenery, and target training and Bruce Willis. The most popular topics in Germany today.
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A newspaper writes about: noble gestures, scenery, and target training


Maintaining sporting etiquette at the right moment is something Benedikt Doll has had some practice with. At the summer biathlon in Arςon, for example, he did not win in the pre-season - by letting a Frenchman pass him shortly before the finish line.

Reliable Ole Einar Bjorndalen

"That's the way it should be when you're already a guest," Doll says with a smile in an interview with ZDFheute - and remembers a similar situation at the Skijäger show at Schalke four years ago.

When Ole Einar Björndalen, holder of 20 world titles and eight Olympic gold medals, celebrated his retirement from biathlon there.

Of the big names in the industry, the perfectionist Norwegian was the most reliable starter at the show event in Revier.

He won the mixed doubles four times - and when he said goodbye to his wife Darja Domratschewa in December 2018, Doll proved to be an attentive competitor.

Hand in hand to the goal

Shortly before the finish, the Black Forester looked back, waited for the approaching Björndalen and finally crossed the finish line hand in hand with him, his own ski tip a few centimeters behind that of the Scandinavian. "I was very, very happy to give up third place for him," Doll recapitulated. "Because he's a great guy."

The noble gesture of the 32-year-old also fits the character of the event in Gelsenkirchen, where the biathletes involved let fives be straight. And at the same time they appreciate the special value of the event.

Good training for the home World Cup

For example Denise Herrmann-Wick, who gyrated side by side with Doll on the Schalke artificial snow course on Wednesday.

After all, the individual Olympic champion from Beijing knows: "It will certainly be very loud at the shooting range there too."

Because of the corona pandemic, the Skijäger fun that took place between Christmas and New Year's Eve could not take place in Gelsenkirchen for the past two years. Upper Bavarian Ruhpolding jumped in - each time without a spectator.

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Great production for Magdalena Neuner

Benedikt Doll thinks the race in and around the blue and white football arena has been missing for the past two winters. While Bundesliga side Schalke 04 announced that they would immediately counteract "the unavoidable environmental impact" of the event with targeted investments in increasing the performance of ecosystems.

From a sporting point of view, DSV sports director Felix Bitterling describes the experience of shooting at the black targets in front of around 45,000 spectators as "priceless".

Which no longer played a role for record world champion Magdalena Neuner when she said goodbye to the ski chase in December 2012 in a spectacular production at Schalke. A good nine months after her last World Cup race.

Prominent names and two DSV teams

With the German showpiece team Doll/Herrmann-Wick, the Norwegian top duo Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold and Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen or the French Julia Simon, who is the leader in the overall World Cup, there are once again a number of celebrities at the start.

In addition, the DSV sends a second team onto the track with Vanessa Voigt and Philipp Nawrath.

Nawrath, who was born in Ostallgäu, has already gained relevant experience with the special biathlon moments on the Berger Feld: Three years ago, when he was there in the emotionally charged farewell race of Laura Dahlmeier in a team with his Bavarian compatriot, as he fondly remembers, "more impressive scenery" made its rounds.

Bruce Willis: This is how he feels a year after the end of his career

Bruce Willis

It's been almost a year since Bruce Willis (76) announced his retirement from the acting business. He announced the reason for this in March 2022: an aphasia disease.

Aphasia is an acquired language disorder that can occur after brain damage, usually a stroke or head injury from an accident.

For the “Die Hard” star, this diagnosis was a bitter blow of fate that affected his cognitive abilities – but no reason to lose his zest for life and energy.

As his wife Emma Heming-Willis (43) wrote on Instagram in June, Bruce is a fighter and doesn't let anything get him down so quickly. And: "This guy was always driven by his passion."

So how is the action hero doing today, after almost a year with the disease? We show you the answer to this question in the video above!

Bruce Willis enjoys life away from the big screen

Bruce Willis may not be returning to the big screen, but he's enjoying life away from the cameras.

Two months after retiring from acting, he is in good spirits while taking a walk in Malibu, and was spotted having lunch with friends in Santa Monica at the end of May.

And over the summer, his wife Emma shared a video of the star playing basketball with three friends. So he's still very active.

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And then there's the strong family support the actor has from loved ones - both ex-wife Demi Moore, 60, and their three daughters, Rumer, 34, Tallulah Belle, 28, and Scout LaRue, 31 also by his current wife Emma and daughters Mable Ray (10) and Evelyn Penn (8).

They all take care of their husband, ex-husband and father, care for him and give him support.

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