Talk of the day: woman jumps carnival cruise ship !

February 22, 2022 February 22, 2022
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Description: Talk of the day: Passengers on the Carnival Valor cruise ship report seeing a woman jumps carnival cruise ship to the Gulf of Mexico.
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woman jumps carnival cruise ship
woman jumps carnival cruise ship

Passengers on the Carnival Valor cruise ship report seeing a woman jumps carnival cruise ship to the Gulf of Mexico after security officers detained her after a disturbance with another passenger.

The accident occurred Wednesday, February 16, on a cruise en route to New Orleans from Cozumel, Mexico.

Mobile phone footage taken by onlookers on board showed the 32-year-old woman, whose identity has not been publicly disclosed.

She was restrained by three officers near the pool area on board the ship.

She can be heard shouting "Alicia" before security escorts her with her hands behind her back.

It is not clear if she had her hands tied or not.

In the same video, passengers are seen looking over the boat as many can be heard detailing that the woman has jumped.

A male passenger was heard saying that buoys were thrown in an attempt to save the woman and that the ship was turning.

Let us know more details of the accident of a woman jumps carnival cruise ship .

Why was security called?

The woman was allegedly traveling with her husband on a five-day cruise to Mexico that left on February 12.

According to reports, security was called after an altercation between the woman and the man in the hot tub area on the 10th floor around 2:30 p.m. on February 16.

Security tried to calm her down, and she was hostile towards them. They had to rein it in because it was combative, one of the ship's passengers told

“Security took her out of the hot tub. Whenever they held her, she seemed to get upset and went over the rail. It was around 2:30,” another passenger told WAFB.

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Chaos occurs after the passenger goes overboard

In the incident of a woman jumps carnival cruise ship , the ship was made up of 11 noon and the incident was on the tenth floor.

The passenger went out to sea about 150 miles from Southwest Pass, Louisiana. According to bystanders, she hit her head with lifeboats on her way down.

“And when she jumped, she apparently hit her head against the side of the boat. Then it hit the water’s face first,” remembers Randy, another passenger.

Some witnesses recalled seeing bloody, jerky movements when the woman collided with the lifeboat, noting that she may have had an epileptic fit from the collision.

woman jumps carnival cruise ship

Search and rescue

An inspection was immediately called and the Coast Guard was notified. About having a woman jumps carnival cruise ship .

The search extended through Thursday. After searching 2,514 square nautical miles near the Southwest Passage for 14 hours, the Coast Guard made the difficult decision to halt their efforts.

Tricia Eldredge, the chief non-commissioned officer of the New Orleans Sector, said in a statement:

"The decision to suspend the search and rescue case has never been taken seriously." "We offer our deepest condolences to the family during this difficult time."

Carnival of Valor returned to New Orleans at 10:30 a.m. Thursday morning and prepared to depart on its next cruise that evening.

Official statement from Carnival Cruise

Carnival Cruise issued an official statement after the incident.

Carnival of Valor backed the search for a guest who jumped from her balcony on Wednesday evening while the ship was at sea.

The command of the ship immediately began search and rescue procedures, returned to the area near the scene of the accident and notified the US Coast Guard.

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Carnival's CARE team provides support to the guest husband who has been traveling with her, as well as her family.

Coast Guard officials took over the search effort and released Carnival Valor Wednesday night. Our thoughts are with our guest's family."

Passengers threaten to sue the carnival

According to TMZ, passengers are now threatening to sue Carnival over the traumatic incident they witnessed on the ship. One of the passengers, Rhonda Turner, was from Bonneville, MS.

On a cruise with her husband and two young sons, she revealed that not only were her children confused and annoyed, but she also saw the head of the woman who had jumped overboard swaying in the water.

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After the horrific event, Turner, who now says she's considering counseling, is looking for some form of compensation, at least taking credit for another cruise.

This was a talk that ignited the communication sites and search engines about: a woman jumps carnival cruise ship .

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