The Events of The Fashion World For The Years 2020–2021

September 24, 2021 September 24, 2021
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Description: We talk about the events of the fashion world 2020-2021 that faced great challenges all over the world.
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The events of the fashion world for the years 2020–2021
The events of the fashion world for the years 2020–2021

events of the fashion world witnessed a huge change and a great challenge after the Corona pandemic that changed the map of the fashion world.

which in turn imposed some huge changes that made fashion houses change their way of thinking after months of home stone and the lack of consumption

Events of the fashion world 2020

Global fashion houses were not far from providing support after the Corona pandemic, as many high-end brands sought to donate to support Corona research.

Or for the first line of defense, as the prestigious designer, Giorgio Armani donated 1.25 million euros (£1.1 million). to hospitals in Italy to combat the coronavirus outbreak in late March.

While the Nike brand donated $15 million to combat the COVID-19 virus, the highest in the fashion sector.

While the Ralph Lauren fashion house provided $10 million to help workers, partners, and communities affected by the outbreak of the emerging epidemic of the Coronavirus

While other brands contributed to the donation, such as Zara, Louis Vuitton, and Cartier for the Corona pandemic.

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Fashion events name 2020

events of the fashion world name: Production of protective masks and masks

Among the most prominent challenges faced by international fashion houses after the closure due to the outbreak of Corona, is pushing consumers to buy different goods from the ones they are accustomed

to, which prompted them to produce masks, and medical masks in favor of the first line of defense, while many Arab designers worked to produce fashionable masks such as the designer Egyptian Marmar Halim.

Fashion platform Lyst looked at research data from more than 100 million online shoppers and, in its annual report, found that clogs and sportswear were among the most sought-after outfits of the year.

Because of the stay-at-home measures, sleepwear has replaced office wear, and "home dresses" that are spacious and comfortable enough to take you from the home office to a bed have This has become an event of the fashion world.

Famous Fashion Events 2020

The year 2020 was not like any other year in recent memory, it was a different year full of different events and trends, which began with the emergence of chains of medical face masks, perhaps expected, and did not end yet!

Of course, very few of the past year's trends seemed natural or predictable either. Sweatpants not only became acceptable but also became fashionable and multi-nineties styles made a triumphant return to our wardrobes. Learn events of the fashion world:

  • tie dye

Events of the fashion world 2021

There are no doubt events of the fashion world An events that we cannot separate from our lived reality and the events and vicissitudes we are going through, and because 2020 brought the world the largest pandemic it has witnessed in the modern era.

It is natural that these tragic events are reflected in the fashion that has always reversed most of the changes that societies are going through.

Appearance and beauty expert and fashion designer identified 6 changes that are expected to occur in the fashion world during 2021, which she believes will tend to be simple, away from excessive glamor, and be satisfied with the practical appearance.

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international fashion week 2021

We've reached the last week of Fashion Month! Paris Fashion Week began with live and screen shows, offering us many collections of the most important French fashion houses.

Prepare for great talent, unique designs, and of course historical fashion moments. Read on to keep up to date with the latest deals, key trends, and of course our opinions on them.

The Italian house Miu Miu presented its Fall-Winter 2021-2022 collection under the direction of designer Miuccia Prada, titled Brave Hearts.

Hence, as a tribute to International Women's Day, the group highlighted the concept of the strength of the collective spirit among strong women.

The collection simulates the different intentions and dreams that characterize every woman. They are each drawn to the characters they resemble and form alliances, kinship, and a cohesive unit.

The show was far from the identity of the house, so the clothes were practical and suitable for all occasions in the cold weather.

The show was a ride through snowy mountains, and we were fascinated by the scenery as the models explored Cortina d'Ampezzo, a ski resort in northern Italy.

Inspired by the cold weather and skiwear, the jumpsuit and fluffy set featured a fur-lined jacket and pants, crocheted dresses, and A-Line miniskirts styled with colorful baggy sweaters and thick stockings.


Long coats, vinyl pants, and tight midi dresses embellished with sequins and lingerie-like glitters appeared.

Layering was an essential part of the style of the collection, sometimes we spotted dresses coordinating with cardigans, or bodysuits over pants... the more layers, the warmer it feels!

The designer adopted a calm color palette, most of the collection was in pastel shades such as blue and pink, or neutral colors such as beige, gray and black.

In terms of details, fur and shearling had a distinct share in the show, and we adorned jackets, ankle or knee-length boots, handbags, and gloves.

To add a touch of sparkle, some dresses were embellished with shimmering stones, pearls, and iron rivets as Miu Miu's signature.

As for the accessories, all the models wore tight knitted hats, with scarves and sometimes masks in the same color and fabric. This event of the fashion world

 Paris fashion week 2021

Paris Haute Couture Week, the roles that participated in this day's program were fascinated with their rich and luxurious collections, through which they were keen to provide the most luxurious looks for the spring-summer 2021 season.

In comes, a tour of the most prominent shows witnessed yesterday, Wednesday, and the shouts that they addressed.

Muse en scene is the title of the new summer 2021 collection for the French designer. We saw the renewed corset and the metallic or executed skirts in a variety of colors and materials.

And the designer honored the sculptor, Laylan, in a picture with one dress that shortened her artistic creativity.

As in his beginnings, the designer used muslin and resin, and we were drawn to a black silk evening dress that took more than 700 meters of fabric to implement.

New York Fashion Week 2021

The New York Fashion Week for the summer of 2022 ended with both the virtual and the virtual. The most events of the fashion world that were devoted to the summer shows for the upcoming season were as follows:

  • tulle with denim.
  • Fuchsia is the master of colors.
  • Hazel yellow.
  • retro character
  • Welcome to the seventies!

London fashion week 2021

Fashion and its fluctuations, Corona and its mutants, hot topics were on the research table on the fourth day of London Fashion Week, which started on September 17 and will continue until the twenty-first of it.

Sales, e-shopping, and sustainability strategy were all topics that occupied those interested in this field who discussed these issues at the end of the fourth day. This event provided a clear explanation of the techniques of clothing recycling and hand sewing for those wishing to tailor their pieces.

The London Fashion Week dedicated space for amateur designers to display their products through dedicated pavilions during the shows to preview the new fashions.

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