9 brands for ideal trends to all women

August 21, 2021 August 21, 2021
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Description: women love to change in their choice of brand, here are the nine most famous international brands chosen by the fashion world web
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9 brands for ideal trends to all women
 brands for ideal trends to all women

There is no doubt that fashion is one of the things that are most interesting by women and men alike, but it increases a lot among women, as women like to dress up in wearing their clothes, and diversify in that.

For example, today a woman loves to wear Vuitton Louis, and tomorrow she loves to change to a Dior brand and the day after tomorrow she loves to choose costumes from the channel and so on.

Because of this interest, especially on the part of women, we saw in the fashion world Web, to collect for you a group of world-famous fashion in Europe and America, and we have already talked in the previous article about the famous brand Louis Vuitton and we chose 3 pieces from this brand and reviewed its features.

It is important to show that the majority of these brands sell products at a slightly high price, given the quality of what they offer and their popularity.

Let's start by listing these brands, and briefly talking about each one of them.


1. Louis Vuitton brand


Louis Vuitton brand is what made us search for it, as the fashion world web team found it among the most searches on a search engines, including Google, and it is of course very popular, and more than 44 a million followers follow it on its Instagram account.


2. Gucci


Recently, designer Alessandro Michel joined Gucci, and the number of fans of this house increased. We have noticed an increase in the number of followers of the Gucci page on Instagram.

The reason is the presence of distinctive accessories signed by Gucci, the publication of distinctive models of bags and shoes, and wonderful pictures of photoshoots signed by Gucci by the most important magazines. Gucci has more than 43 million followers on Instagram around the world

Here is a shoe from Gucci

3. Dior


More than 34 million followers on Instagram!

 You can discover the latest looks of Johnny Depp, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lawrence, and you can also watch the most beautiful videos of Raf Simons, the CEO and lead designer of this house.

Here is a Dior bag


4. Supreme


She features tons of fabulous outfits and shoes, and is followed by over 14 million followers on Instagram


5. Chanel


From today he does not know Chanel? It is the most famous of all. It may be loved more than any of the fashion houses in our article, offering the most beautiful and latest fashion trends on Instagram and keeping up with the ideal trends in fashion, followed by more than 50 million followers! It's the size of countries!

Here is the perfume from Chanel.


6. Victoria Beckham


There is no doubt that Victoria Beckham has become one of the most important stars and fashion designers, and the proof of her fame is this huge number of followers on Instagram, which confirms her remarkable success as you can enter the world of Beckham and convey the atmosphere of her daily life and post photos of her professional meetings, her husband and her family. It is followed by more than 29 million followers!


7. Prada Milano


An international fashion house, it works on a fashion show for men and women keep up with the ideal trends in fashion, follows, produces perfumes as well, and has more than 14 million followers on Instagram.


8. Versace


It is followed by more than 23 million followers on Instagram, and it displays many of its women's products such as bags, fashion, and women's dresses, as well as some accessories, except that it is designed for men.

Here are glasses from Versace

9. Top shop


It specializes in designing women's costumes, it has more than 11 million followers on its page, it displays bags produced by it, as well as complete clothing sets (shoes, pants, and T-shirts) or shirts or dresses, the fabrics of which are soft and cold.

These were the top 9 international brands according to the ideal trends that suit the taste of every woman according to the choice of the fashion world web .


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