Ways to soften the feet

July 16, 2021 July 16, 2021
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Description: get rid of The problem of cracking and roughness without paying additional costs, through the use of some household herbs and oils
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fashion world skin
fashion world skin: Ways to soften the feet

The feet are constantly exposed to roughness, dryness, and continuous cracking, as a result of repeated washing with water without drying them, in addition to walking on the dry ground covered with rugs or carpets, and not taking care of their continuous moistening, wearing non-medical shoes and socks, as well as due to a lack of fluids in the body, in addition to standing. During the day, they appear wrinkled and suggest aging skin, which causes embarrassment and discomfort for the person, especially for the woman who always tries to maintain her youthful appearance and strives to keep her skin radiant, healthy, and hydrated.


Most people suffer from this problem, especially in the winter, when the skin becomes increasingly dry as a result of exposure to cold currents constantly, so some women are forced to resort to beauty salons to sand the dry skin, renew damaged cells and soften the skin in special ways, but in return, you can restore vitality and moisture to the feet and get rid of The problem of cracking and roughness without paying additional costs, through the use of some household herbs and oils that have proven effective in restoring rough skin, and the following are some of these simple methods that can be done at home:


Pumice stone softening methods:


This coarse stone is very useful in scraping the dead cells that accumulate in the area of ​​the ankles, by rubbing the rough areas with the stone after washing them well with warm water, and after swishing the area well, the feet are dipped in water for a few minutes and then taken out and dried with cotton, then the heels or the entire feet are painted with Vaseline while covering the feet With plastic bags to trap the air from them, all night until morning, and it is preferable to repeat this method to prevent the appearance of skin cracks on the feet again.


Feet softening mixture


Ingredients :


A bar of soap.

a spoonful of starch;

A cup of natural honey.

Half a small can of Vaseline.

Half a cup of olive oil.

spoon of cornstarch.

Rosewater cup.

Two tablespoons of instant yeast.

Two tablespoons of powdered milk. A cup of lemon juice.

spoon of crushed herb Aljadh.

A cup of glycerin.


How to prepare:


Finely chop the laurel soap, mix it with lemon juice and rose water, and put it on the fire until the soap dissolves. Add the rest of the ingredients to the soap mixture with a slight increase in the proportion of lemon, glycerin, and rose water so that the mixture does not become thick and heavy. Turn off the fire under the soft creamy mixture, then leave it to cool a little, then rub the entire feet, including the heels, with the mixture, and cover them with a plastic bag or cotton socks for hours until it is well absorbed, and then rinse the feet with lukewarm water, and the mixture should remain on the feet for three to four hours approx.


Sources: mawdoo3.com

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