pretty women and exciting women. the difference between them

July 07, 2021 July 07, 2021
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Description: pretty women and sexy women.. the difference between them
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pretty women
pretty women

Women are half of society and have an important element in building Nations and civilizations throughout the ages.


A pretty woman is one that makes you stop walking if you see it where you are. Your view of this woman remains.


The science of beauty is sensitive and tangible in women, only about it. But what is the difference between a pretty woman and an exciting woman, excitement is related to interaction with the other person. Beauty is something you have related to you. And excitement is something that has to do with interactions with individuals.


What is the difference between pretty women and exciting women?


Beauty, which is more meaningful than physical shape and beauty in the face and in the body of the woman, and also refers to a section of inner beauty.

While the excitement is limited to physical form and sexual desire, it is nothing more. The effect of beauty is more powerful than the effect of excitement.

Beauty and excitement in men


The man's beauty and man's excitement differ, as he told specialists that the exciting man is the man described by psychologists as "personal aura", as according to this description, it is not about form, but about the qualities of that man like care, kindness, and social status.


To describe an individual or something as beautiful means that person or thing is not only exciting, as beauty can be given to people and nature, and beauty rules are also more homogeneous.


The assessment of a beautiful person or object is more extensive than that exciting person. People see beauty as a good thing in evaluation, and not just looking at excitement.

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