Tips to take care of your hair and make it silk

fashion world hair
fashion world hair: Tips to take care of your hair and make it silk



A woman's hair is her decoration and a symbol of her beauty, so she must constantly take care of him in order to be in the coolest and most glorious of his cases. Hence, through this article, we present to our dear readers a set of distinguished tips that will help them in obtaining perfect and elegant hair always and this is through the following:


Tips during washing:


Do not apply too much shampoo when washing, as excessive foaming will dry and damage your hair.


Be sure to apply conditioner immediately after shampoo to give your hair the freshness required to facilitate the process of styling, and that the conditioner also reduces hair tangles.


Drying the hair with a towel and rinse the conditioner and shampoo thoroughly so that there is no residue for them on the scalp is absolutely necessary.


Hairstyling Tips:


Fashion world hair, use well-known hair creams or oils for easier styling and to give your hair the moisture and shine needed.


The comb or brush is indispensable not only to loosen knots and tangle during styling, but also to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, which helps to deliver various nutrients to the hair follicles and thus its growth and survival in health and strength.


Cutting the split ends causes the hair to grow healthy and the entire hair is not split, affecting the density, strength, and strength of the hair in general.


It is not recommended to use hot air or heating in general for styling, because this weakens the strength of the hair and greatly increases hair loss.


Also, we do not recommend the use of harmful hair straightening chemicals that may lead to hair growth and damage to its hair follicles.


Nutrition tips for healthy and wonderful hair:


Eat a balanced diet, in which proteins are an important part because they are responsible for cell growth and regeneration.


Eat vitamins and minerals by eating fruits, vegetables, and medicines that contain nourishing vitamins.


Fashion world hair, Avoid alcohol and smoking because they have bad effects on the health of the body, including hair.