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The new fashion of masks to combat the Coronavirus

The new fashion of masks to combat the Corona virus
The new fashion of masks to combat the Coronavirus

Coronavirus is still spreading throughout our cities, yes, there was a vaccine, and it is effective, but it did not eliminate the spread of the epidemic, we need to complete the work for prevention.


In the past, we worked in the fashion world web to publish various articles about the mask, and there are articles that included the mask in a form, such as the French brand masks in our article Products from Louis Vuitton.


Many competing stores work in putting masks for sale, either on their websites or on their stores and stores on the ground.


In the midst of the outbreak of this epidemic, the popularity of buying masks or searching for masks for sale is still the most common at the present time.


People usually wear normal masks that people used to wear, so why not break out of the traditional mask routine and wear these masks!


Newly shaped masks for sale from the fairy season store


In this title, we will offer three masks for sale, from the course of the fairy season, which keep pace with the ideal trends of fashion, including what can be used in medical institutions or if you work as a doctor or a nurse.


Winter Cycling Warm Full Face Cover Bandana with Eye Shield


masks for sale

As you can see, a mask does not protect you only from corona, but from dust and unstable atmosphere, and you can cover your eyes and watch because the eye cover is transparent.

There are three colors, gray, black and red, and they are only $ 7.


Anti-Fog Protective Plastic Breathable Face Shield


masks for sale

This mask is completely different, the advantages of the mask are that it is anti-fog, breathable, and can be used with a regular face shield. Reusable, it can be rinsed with water after several hours of use. And it will not interfere with wearing glasses. Its price is only $ 5!


Protective Baseball Cap with Removable Flip-Up Visor Shield


Protective Baseball Cap with Removable Flip-Up Visor Shield

fashion world web, A mask, good for breathing, as it covers your entire face but gives you an air outlet from the bottom, I think it is good for engineers in construction work as well as doctors in clinics and hospitals. It costs only $ 11 at the moment .