How to french braid your own hair?

July 11, 2021 July 11, 2021
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Description: In this article, the preparation of the French braid story for women and girls will be explained step by step.
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how to french braid your own hair

how to french braid your own hair

I have long hair and have styled my French hair for a long time. The cool thing is that I can do a French braid for my hair myself, but if you ask me to use a French braid for someone else's hair, I can't. This is what the French braid looks like.


1. Start by taking a section from the top of your head. Part this section into 3 crisscross strands right above the center and left above the center as if you were doing a simple braid.

french braid

2. Pass all the threads to the left hand and keep the threads separate.

3. Now you can pick up even a small section of the right side of the head with your right hand and add it to the right bar.


4. Bring the thread you just added to the center and the middle thread to the right.


5. Now switch hands, keeping all strings separate, so that your left hand is free.


french braid

6. Gather a lock of hair on the left side of the head. Add this to the left bar.


french braid

7. Now you will bring the left bar to the center and the middle section to the left. As you follow these steps, try to keep your hands close to your head so that the braid is taut.

french braid

8. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until there is hair to add. Finish the style with a basic braid and tie it with a rubber band.


french braid


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