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Cristiano Ronaldo, football star these days

ronaldo alnaser


Cristiano Ronaldo is the most prominent star these hours and even these days.

The name of Cristiano Ronaldo has really risen more than before after he was able to collect the highest salary a soccer star in the world could have earned.

The official news comes that Cristiano, in the new deal with the Saudi club Al-Nasr, may exceed one hundred and seventy million pounds annually. This has made him the talk of football these days.

Al-Nasr Saudi Club is one of the famous clubs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it is very popular there.

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Ronaldo's accession to this club made the club's popularity increase by millions, locally and may be international because it added a football star loved by millions in the world from all countries. Especially since this player advocates just causes.

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We include in this article the official announcement and interactions via Twitter about Ronaldo's accession.