How do you do a tragus piercing?

September 05, 2021 September 05, 2021
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Description: Tragus piercing specialist Stephanie Anders, who's pierced the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, and Cameron Diaz, explains
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How do you do a tragus piercing?
How do you do a tragus piercing?

The tragus is the part of your ear that holds the earbuds and is primarily located in that area to stop the direct flow of dust into your ear and act as a barrier to prevent dust and dirt from entering your ear. Tragus piercings are uncommon and therefore very trendy when done.


It is not difficult but quite painful and not much different from nose piercing or belly piercing.


Tragus piercing requirements

If you're interested in getting more than Tragus piercing, a good ear piercing professional can help design and coordinate the look of your entire ear.

Think of it like putting together a bouquet of roses, where each part complements the other.


Tragus piercing methods are not different from the method used for belly piercing and tongue piercing, and therefore should be done in the same way with some very small changes only because the ear is in question.


  • Before you begin, you should have all your tools to perform this process effectively so as not to miss anything in the process. Tools are vital in the tragus piercing process.
  • Have a clasp, jewelry, needle, disinfected gloves, and some numbing cream ready so that the pain is relieved.
  • This tremor will be quite painful for a few weeks, but it will still need to be cleared for more than a few weeks to avoid injury.
  • First start with a small earring like a lobe and then replace it with a ring, usually after six months or so.


Clean hands

Disinfect your hands by washing them with an antibacterial soap so you don't get infected from coming into contact with a freshly pierced tragus with your hands.


Tragus piercing Cleaning your hands will allow you to feel safe when piercing your tongue.


Cleaning your hands like this every day for a few months is required because you never know when you accidentally touch your ear area.


The ear is clean

Disinfect the ear so that you do not face any kind of risk of infection once it has been freshly pierced.


Cleaning tools

Disinfecting the tools you will be using is a must with alcohol. These tools should get rid of all germs so that there is no cause for infection when the tools are used to penetrate the tragus.


Use any other disinfectant readily available at that time because you need to be careful at all times with the tools you are using.



Use the Tragus piercing clip to hold the tragus area in place so you don't fail the piercing. Group the space you selected for best results.


There is no need for labeling as the tragus is small so the clip will be in the right place at all times.



Now pierce if you have precisely clamped once the area is numbed, the pain is normal and sure it will hurt a little but pass the pain and penetrate the tragus effectively.



Wiggle the needle at the tragus to open a hole so that you can insert the jewelry.



Insert the cleansed jewelry into the Tragus piercing of your choice so that the hole will remain open for the coming months while it heals. Pain is normal for the next few weeks due to the confusing location of the puncture.


Area clearing

Wash the tragus piercing area with a disinfectant and you are now done and you now have a rare and fashionable tragus piercing.

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