John Mulaney announces Olivia Munn pregnancy

September 09, 2021 September 09, 2021
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Description: Congratulations are in order for John Mulaney and Olivia Munn. The former John Mulaney Olivia Munn pregnancy
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John Mulaney announces Olivia Munn pregnancy
John Mulaney announces Olivia Munn pregnancy

John Mulaney said, "I fell in love with a truly incredible person, and we have a child together." I was nervous when I started telling the news!"


The relationship was first confirmed in People magazine in May and the two were photographed together later that summer. This will be the first child for both Moon and Mulaney.


Their Bond Story John Mulaney and Olivia Munn

We always paint a fictional picture of the lives of stars and celebrities, and some imagine that they live different lives, not like their beloved audience.


But the American magazine "US Weekly" revealed that many stars enjoy a normal life similar to us. They play sports and eat fries, which some believe that stars do not eat because of maintaining fitness, avoiding excess weight, going for walks, and other routine lifestyles.


The magazine indicated that the American comedian John Mulaney and the American actress Olivia Munn were eating lunch in a Los Angeles restaurant and took a picture of them while they were eating fries.


Both feel embarrassed

Some feel embarrassed to order the rest of the food with them at home after a meal in the restaurant, but star American actor David Harper took a picture of him taking his food in a bag after leaving a restaurant.


British actress Cynthia Erivo was seen jogging in West Hollywood.


Celebrities from Hollywood stars also ride a bicycle, such as star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was photographed riding a bicycle in California.


The stars enjoy visiting amusement parks. The star and well-known television personality, Brody Jenner, and his mother, the American star and actress, Linda Thompson, enjoyed a cup of tea during their visit to Disneyland.


And a picture was taken of American actress Tia Morey, while she was eating the food that she brought with her in a park.


It has become a custom to watch American actress Olivia Munn cruising around New York in a yellow taxi.


Singer and actress Rihanna was also seen carrying a bag to a grocery store, while actress Lee Lee Collins was photographed carrying her clothes after being picked up from the laundry in West Hollywood.


Salma Hayek was also photographed eating an instant slushie, which is known to contain a lot of sugar.


American actor Jax Taylor was photographed filling his car's gas tank himself at a California gas station.


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