Fashion World Specials and Catalogs

September 06, 2021 September 06, 2021
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Description: Fashionable women's clothing from Fashion World Specials & Catalogs in sizes 12 - 32. Shop online or order a clothing catalog
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Fashion World Specials and Catalogs
Fashion World Specials and Catalogs

Where the seasons pass and trends change, but when it comes to outerwear, from jackets to coats.

There are styles that never go out of fashion like the checkered or checkered coat is one of these coats and thanks to its timeless charm, it remains one of the most important reference points in our wardrobe, whatever our style.


Fashion World Specials &Catalogs

The checkered pattern gravitates around the plaid coat, reminiscent of a beautiful plaid blanket, and for the soft to wear, we recommend oversized designs and cuts.


Winter Clothes It feels like a warm embrace reassuring winter walks: a clothing symbol for that cozy style made of soft, cuddly fabrics just what you need this season.


The sporty model is signed by Fashion World and is played in neutral colors: gray, black, and white with a very discreet design that at a glance refers to the plaids, ensuring comfort.


In addition to the wide sleeves and slouchy armholes, the sweatshirt's overlay appears above the men's slightly distinctive lapel.


That's why the fall-winter 2021-2022 collections are also full of proposals in this print edition, we've picked 5 models not to be missed this season.


Checked Check-Cap Coat

Hoods and caps are a great alternative to a more classic coat, opt for the black and white version, Fashion World like the version signed by Valentino, if you want to add a modern touch to your look.


Long checkered coat

As we've already announced, the long trench coat remains a big trend this season, opt for a check pattern and complete the look with a silk scarf, Fashion World if you like country chic, as suggested here by Max Mara.


Bon Ton Check Coats

Short, cocoon, or roomy, this retro model, proposed by Dior through a complete ensemble, is able to make the simplest of garments elegant and flawless.


Oversized checkered coat

If you love grunge style, this is the model for you, pair it with a cool look to create contrasts, as Celine does here with her Fall-Winter 2021-2022 collection, showing off a check coat with an embellished dress.


Check tweed coat

This season tweed will also be the center of our wardrobe in the overall look, so Chanel's precious coats can't be missing.


Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are one of the staples in every modern girl's wardrobe. But it is also one of the favorite designs for men, which attracts the attention of women greatly.


That is why you should choose it and coordinate it with the clothes in a way that matches your style in a wonderful way.


Open back dresses

Do you have a bold personality to wear evening dresses that reveal the back? If you want to have an eye-catching look, you should choose evening dresses that feature an open back in a way that suits your taste.


Off-shoulder blouse

Fashion World off-the-shoulder blouses are a must-have for a soft, feminine look.


For this reason, it impresses most men, whether when choosing it with simple blouses or even with evening dresses in an attractive and distinctive way.

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