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What are the disadvantages of high heels for women?

What are the disadvantages of high heels for women?
What are the disadvantages of high heels for women?

Wearing high heels highlights femininity, as it contributes to increasing the beauty of a woman's appearance.

So it is recommended to choose comfortable and non-pointed high heels, to avoid many health problems resulting from wearing them.

As there is an imbalance in the body, which leads to many risks that we will introduce you to them in this article.

disadvantages of high heels for women

Wearing high heels leads to many risks, namely: Joint pain causes shock to the foot as a result of the cessation of blood circulation while walking, due to wearing high heels, which leads to framing the feet in a straight position.

This leads to pressure on the knee with movement or walking, and thus feeling pain in the area of the joints and knees, and may develop into acute and chronic inflammation in the joints.

disadvantages of high heels for women

Achilles tendon injury is a result of physiological changes to the muscles and tendons around the ankle, making the heel easy to reach the ground, thus increasing the feeling of pain.

Infection with varicose veins forces the foot to take a certain shape with an abnormal shape, which leads to increased pressure on the sides of the foot, and its toes.

which affects the skin, where it becomes hardened, distorting the appearance of the foot, and leads to the appearance of full white lines that may need a procedure Varicose surgery.

The discomfort of the sole is due to the weight of the body on the foot, especially on the lower part (the sole).

This leads to roughness in the area, and consequently the erosion of part of the foot, which leads many to resort to filling operations to treat the affected area.

Having back pain is the result of wearing it for a long time, as it increases pressure on the lower pelvis, and pushing forward when standing, walking, or moving.

This increases pressure on the lower back area, which leads to a feeling of severe pain in the area and may also lead to pressure on the lower back.

vertebrae, and thus fall into greater health problems. Injury to the fork of the foot is a bony accumulation inside the heel, as a result of increased calcium deposition.

Or as a result of wearing high heels that put pressure on the heel of the heel, and thus the appearance of the toenail.

Sprained ankles split evenly between the foot and the heel, which leads to a defect between the heel and the foot on which it rests, which leads to a sprained ankle.

Injury to the toenails, the toes are crushed as a result of sliding forward, which leads to the bending of the nails, thus increasing the chance of their implantation into the skin, and causing severe pain.

Sores on the bottom of the foot lead to pressure on the bottom of the heel, which increases the chance of hardening and cracking of the skin.

It is recommended to apply moisturizing creams on the heel of the foot before wearing high heels.

Weakness of the foot muscles increases the chance of weakness of the foot muscles, as a result of an imbalance in the blood circulation, and insufficient oxygen delivery to the muscles, which leads to fragility diseases.

What are the disadvantages of high heels for women?

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