Watanabe is a friend of Tokyo MER, is the daughter of [spoilers]

September 13, 2021 September 13, 2021
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Description: Makiko Watanabe, played by Minister Shirokane, who was a friend of TOKYO MER, is the daughter of a doctor [spoilers]
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Watanabe is a friend of Tokyo MER, is the daughter of [spoilers]
Watanabe is a friend of Tokyo MER, is the daughter of [spoilers]

At the TBS Sunday Theater "TOKYO MER ~ Running Emergency Lifesaving Room ~", which reached its final episode on the 12th, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Mariko Shirokane (Makiko Watanabe), who became a key man, ranked 3rd immediately after the broadcast on Twitter's global trend. It attracted a lot of attention.

The Minister of Shirokane had been working as a TOKYO MER dismantling group so far, but at the end, he recalled his pride as a doctor and ordered TOKYO MER on behalf of Governor Akatsuka, who could not move due to a heart disease.

In addition, he made the best use of his position as Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, and instructed ambulances and hospitals in the metropolitan area to accept patients at the scene of terrorism.

Before the final episode, there may be a subtle expression on the dismantling of the TOKYO  MER, so on the net, the end may be on the side of the MER?

It was expected that it was, but it was exactly as expected. The internet was flooded with voices such as "I was on my side," "It was really cool," and "It was the best at the very end." Immediately after the end of the broadcast, "Minister of Shirokane" came in 3rd place in the world trend and attracted attention.

Watanabe, who played Minister Shirokane, said on Instagram, "I want to say. Atai, a child of a doctor," she confessed that she was actually the daughter of a doctor. She posted, "To healthcare professionals around the world.

Regardless of Corona, delay Yale and her appreciation for her precious and tough role," she posted, and she took a picture of the official Instagram of the drama. Was reposted.

The official Instagram does not show Minister Shirokane, but a smiling group photo of TOKYO MER members is uploaded.

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