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Fashion world online catalog
Fashion world online catalog

Fashion world online catalog A lot of printed clothing trends appear every year, but in the summer of 2021, it was completely different. Where we caught our attention a lot of clothes printed with different patterns that can renew the look of your traditional clothes when choosing them, whether when choosing this trend with fashion clothes or accessories.

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Animal patterns topped the fashion of summer clothes2021, which appeared in a variety of shapes that can suit the tastes of modern women who are looking for unconventional patterns.

Where the zebra engravings caught our attention with many pieces, whether dresses, pants, or blouses, in a way that can meet the taste of every woman.

Cow print is on trend with black and white outfits and accessories.

The focus is also on the Fashion world online catalog in the usual classic shape or in bright tones for a bold look.

Floral patterns top the fashion trend of 2021

The models of floral patterns, which are the leaders in the fashion of summer clothes 2021, varied greatly. We saw clothes decorated with floral patterns, both in large and small sizes, to suit the tastes of different girls. Which can be chosen and coordinated with your favorite pieces, whether skirts, pants, or blouses.

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Fruit patterns in summer clothes fashion 2021

We talked before about the dominance of the Fashion world online catalog in the fashion of summer clothes 2021, which most celebrities and fashionistas have not been abandoned recently. So there were inscriptions of cherry, lemon, orange, watermelon, and other shapes that caught our attention.


These inscriptions have appeared strongly with the models of summer dresses to suit the beach look of every woman this year. Because it will give you a modern and lively look because it is a mixture of various bright shades that you like this summer.


Knot and tie patterns clothes-fashion in 2021

The knot and tie patterns, or so-called Tie-Dye, are still at the forefront of the 2021 summer clothing trends, which did not give up on wearing by various celebrities this year. Especially since it is distinguished by a lot of bright colors that can add to women a modern and eye-catching look.


Fashion world online catalog

Where you can adopt this trend with casual and sports clothes in all its forms.


This trend also appeared with unconventional printed, so feel free to adapt it to get a great look at all times this summer.

Marble patterns top the fashion trend of 2021

After the fashion for marble, patterns dominated various things, from decoration to accessories, the fashion for marble patterns moved to the fashion of clothes in the summer of 2021, in various shapes and colors to suit the tastes of girls.


These patterns will help you to get an attractive modern look, especially when you coordinate it with a short dress or wide pants printed with marble patterns in multiple and modern colors.


Chess Patterns Summer Fashion 2021

The checkerboard pattern is a big hit in summer 2021. Despite its simplicity, it is characterized by a classic, modern and bold character that does not suit any woman except for the one who has a strong personality.


There are a lot of fashion bloggers who have coordinated this trend with a uniform look by choosing a shirt and trousers of the same patterns but in different colors. If you are looking for a distinct or unconventional look, you should keep up with this trend.


Scarves Fashion Clothes

Our attention was drawn to the emergence of the fashion of clothing with scarves patterns in the summer of 2021. This trend has become the choice of the vast majority of girls recently, as it helps you to renew your traditional look with one distinctive piece.

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