11 Tips to get the safe pregnancy

August 26, 2021 August 26, 2021
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Description: A pregnant woman needs special care to safe pregnancy because of the great changes that occur to her during pregnancy
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11 Tips to get the safe pregnancy
11 Tips to get the safe pregnancy

A pregnant woman needs special care to safe pregnancy because of the great changes that occur to her during pregnancy to build self-ability and fully prepare for the responsibilities of pregnancy and childbirth.


Where the pregnant woman should take care of herself and her health before anything else.


11 tips for pregnant women to safe pregnancy


We offer you 11 important tips for a pregnant woman that she must follow to overcome safe pregnancy:


1- Be sure to eat vegetables and fruits that provide the body with fiber that helps digestion, in addition to being rich in various vitamins and minerals.


2- Eat foods rich in unsaturated fats, such as omega-3 found in fatty fish such as salmon and tuna, in addition to healthy fats in seeds and nuts.


3- Eat adequate amounts of protein such as lean meat, poultry, fish, and eggs, in addition to legumes.


4- Eating foods rich in folic acid, which works to protect the fetus from deformities, which is available in green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, and dried beans.


5- Eating milk and its products so that the child gets his need of calcium, which contributes to building the child’s bones and teeth to safe pregnancy.


6- Eat foods that contain iron, in addition to nutritional supplements after consulting a doctor to avoid anemia.


Note: The food that the mother eats, its properties go to the blood, and when the materials needed to build the body are present in the mother’s blood, the fetus will be able to grow normally.


But if the pregnant food does not contain the necessary materials and vitamins, severe damage may be caused to the fetus.


7- Drink plenty of water to prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, severe swelling, and other symptoms associated with pregnancy.


8- Reducing caffeine, as high amounts of it are dangerous for the child, and it is preferable to replace it with healthy juices and drinks.


9 - To safe pregnancy avoid eating fast food that increases weight as well as other health damages.


10- Avoid foods rich in sugar and sweets that the child does not benefit from and lead to obesity.


Therefore, during pregnancy, a woman needs to follow a special diet that provides her with the elements needed for the growth of the child, so that she is not exposed to anemia or other health problems.


11 - A pregnant woman should not trust anyone’s advice that she should eat twice as much as she ate before pregnancy because doubling food only leads to obesity that leads to complications in childbirth and has an indirect negative impact on the woman’s life after childbirth.


Note: Indeed, a pregnant woman’s appetite for food and her need for food is slightly more than that of an ordinary woman, but the amount of calories that a pregnant woman needs is the same as that of a non-pregnant woman, i.e. 250 calories per day.


That is, negative beliefs should be avoided, that too much food may increase the size of the fetus, or that reducing food leads to weakness and death of the fetus. It harms her health or deforms her body.


Essential nutrients for pregnant women


What a pregnant woman needs can be summed up into six important elements to safe pregnancy:


1. Fluid water

2. Proteins

3. Fats


5. Minerals

6. Vitamins


All of these elements are necessary for movement, growth, and cell exchange to safe pregnancy, and they are found in the different foods that we eat daily to some extent or that.


If one foot is missing from the food, the pregnant woman must replace it with another food, otherwise, the body will be disturbed to and the growth of the fetus will be disrupted.

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