18 signs that distinguish a pretty woman

18 signs that distinguish a pretty woman
18 signs that distinguish a pretty woman

There is no girl or woman like the other, every girl has her nature and beauty, this beauty that distinguishes her from her peers and makes her more attractive, but beauty is a very broad term, multi-meaning, wide in use, so let we restrict the absolute and define it in talking about the beauty of the form and the signs of a pretty woman


Although there is a difference in the issue of beauty, there are two signs that indicate the beauty of a woman. These are the signs that men are often attracted to. Welcome to the of fashion world web!


What is meant by women's beauty?


Happiness, beauty, excellence, success...etc. are all terms that are difficult to enumerate. A person may succeed in one country and fail in another, as he may be beautiful in appearance, ugly in character and qualities!


Therefore, we must define what is meant by the beauty of women, so that it becomes clear to us from the beginning in which direction we are going, and which direction we are referring to so that we do not mix things up.


The word beauty is a complex and unlimited word, and this word can be defined in a superficial way as pleasing the eye when seeing something, and beauty lies around us in everything.


 It does not go beyond being a kind of art that awakens astonishment and feelings and makes us feel human feelings inside us, and beauty is divided into two types: inner beauty and outer beauty.


In this regard, we are talking about formal beauty, which is meant by external beauty, the definition of which changes and is not agreed upon, because it is relative.


However, there are some manifestations of the external beauty of women, and these manifestations are:


·        Pay attention to personal hygiene.

·        Enjoy the ideal weight and healthy body.

·        Pay attention to the fragrant good smell.

·        Skincare and smoothness.

·        Removing excess hair such as excess facial hair.

·        She takes care of her hair, brushes it constantly, and takes care of its cleanliness, color, and appearance.

·        Wear elegant clothes that suit both her body and her age.

·        She takes care of choosing her makeup colors and clothes.

·        Pay attention to eyeliner.

·        Eat whole and healthy food, especially vitamins and minerals.

·        She perfects her makeup, and she masters drawing the image of her face, without exaggeration or fabrication.

·        She cares about the appearance of her teeth, their whiteness, and their beauty.

·        You walk soberly, and with dignity.


When we talk about a pretty woman and her signs of beauty, we mean inside the house, so that these advantages and signs of beauty are used to establish an intimate and marital relationship free of problems.


What are the signs of a pretty woman?


A pretty woman is considered a woman who enjoys strength, attractiveness, and self-confidence, because of the power of beauty over hearts, and because of its impact on glamorizing the eyes, and therefore every woman is interested in keeping pace with the ways that show her more beautiful.


Despite this, there are a group of signs that indicate the beauty of a woman, and it is difficult to acquire sometimes, but she is born with a woman.


You may have these signs without knowing that they are signs of beauty, maybe you are a beauty queen, so let's get to know these signs. The fashion world web welcomes you again.

18 things that distinguish a pretty woman


18 signs that distinguish a pretty woman

wide eyes

Since the eye is considered the first language of acquaintance before speaking, the wide and bold eye is considered one of the most prominent signs of the beauty and attractiveness of women.



One of the most famous signs of beauty in women, whether it is in the cheek or chin is the "character of goodness", and this is because it adds attractiveness and femininity to a woman's face, especially when she laughs.


light freckles

Light freckles on the face are another important sign of beauty, which adds tenderness and femininity to a woman's face and accentuates her beauty.



A mole on the face or “goodness,” especially the one above or below the lip is one of the signs of a woman’s attractiveness and beauty.


long eyelashes

Where it highlights the beauty of the eyes and gives them the attractiveness of a special character.


Attractive smile

"Your smile is the secret of your beauty" is a phrase we often hear, but did you expect that it would be a distinctive sign of women's beauty recognized globally?!


small ear

A man prefers a woman with small ears, which is consistent with her facial features and this is because it gives her an innocent childish shape.


long hair

Hair is the crown of a woman, the longer it is, the more it highlights her beauty and attractiveness, especially if it is of the soft type.


defined lips

Naturally defined lips are one of the most famous signs of beauty in a pretty woman.


drawn eyebrows

Drawn and naturally defined eyebrows are one of the signs of femininity. If you are one of the owners of drawn eyebrows, know that you have an important sign of beauty.


hair between eyebrows

You may be surprised when you read this sign. At the same time that many girls get rid of the hair between the eyebrows, some men see it as a feature of female beauty.


medium length

Although height is a basic trait that must be found in models and beauty queens, the average height is recognized in the list of women's beauty signs.


long fingers

A woman who has long fingers has one of the most important signs of beauty and femininity, in addition to arched and medium-length nails that enhance the beauty of long fingers.


Prominent neck bones

Prominent neck bones are another one of the most important signs of femininity and attractiveness in women all over the world.


high nose

It is worth noting that the owner of this nose is always upset and dissatisfied with herself, and she may lose confidence in herself, but the raised nose is considered an aesthetic feature.


slender legs

Slim legs and a harmonious body are indispensable in the list of these signs.


plantar foot

The term “plantar foot” means the foot in which the metatarsal is lowered when the foot is lifted off the ground, and this is a well-known sign of a pretty woman.


long neck

We conclude the list of beauty signs with the long neck, which indicates the beauty, femininity, and attractiveness of women.


Despite the importance of these signs, they are used to denote beauty and are not considered a criterion for it, as their presence increases the beauty of women.


Also, saying it does not affect it in anything, especially that each a person has his taste, and the saying was true when he said, “If it wasn’t for the difference in tastes, the goods would be unparalleled.”

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