Things to know about modest fashion in the Middle East

July 25, 2020 July 12, 2021
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Description: Things to know about modest fashion in the Middle East
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Fashion brands usually return to cities such as Paris, Milan, and New York, but it has become noticeable to those interested in fashion that new trends are coming from the Middle East to make a boom in the new modest fashion, and here you get to know things about the growing popularity of modest fashion fashions.


The veil is not only a religious dress, but it has become an explicit statement in the fashion industry today, as it is related to the decision of women to wear it to cover what you want in the way you love it without social pressure,


Today, women wearing headscarves in public places have become a gathering point for women’s supporters in the Middle East


Middle Eastern brands become hot shouts

Some famous and beloved brands among celebrities are coming from the Middle East .. Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad, Noon by Noor, La Bourgeoisie, Rami Qazi, George Chakra, and George Hobeika, all of these are some of the great brands that have made their way to the highest level in the fashion community, Search for these brands on red carpet and fashion week in Paris!


Instagram becomes the best inspiration for modest fashion trends in the Middle East


To take a quick look at the best fashionable modest hijab fashions from the Middle East, look no further than Instagram. We have Tokyo @dinatokio, Dalal Al-Doub @dalalid, Hind Al-Rumaihi @hendrumaihi, Farah Amara @farahemara, and Latifa Al Shamsi @latifalshamsi, here are some of the Fashion lovers or (Fashionista) on Instagram


Youtube users are one of the most popular social media icons 


YouTube is another popular source for following the latest trends modestly. From the videos of how to wear the veil to blogging about the latest trends, Islamic fashion has never been more cheerful than that .. Watch Dina Tokyo, Ruba Zai, Hoda Kattan, Samman Munir, to learn new ideas. For the best of modest clothes.


Back skirts and loose dresses

Wearing modest clothes does not necessarily mean that your appearance is not good, but in fact, long skirts and wide dresses have become essential pieces for anyone who follows the latest trends, and by reshaping the classic looks of the fifties and sixties many of the icons of the Middle East succeeded in reminding us that we can still Be elegant with wearing a long skirt or loose dress during the day, without considering its old fashion.


 Long and wide trousers replace shorts

In addition to skirts and long dresses, wide pants appeared to replace the obsession with wearing shorts, women realized that they did not have to show a part of their leg to look elegant, and Muslim women in the Middle East came out with new methods to modernize the look of baggy jeans or wide office trousers.


Wearing layers of clothes is the best way to show off your unique look

If you are fond of short-sleeved clothes or revealing tops at the same time that you don't want to reveal your skin, the Middle East fashion scene offers you the answer which is (layers) .. a lot of women wear layers of clothes to create more choices then the unique and appropriate look of your clothing style



The hijab has become the primary focus of any perfect look

Any costume must have a focal point that attracts attention, and the veil has become this focal point steadily in any wonderful modest look. The most recent trend in the Middle East is to find the perfect veil shape for any costume, from choosing bold colors and texture to the shape of the veil itself, to become Incredibly inspiring!


You do not have to expose your body to look modern

Coinciding with the positive movement sweeping the fashion industry, a modest fashion scene also encourages the idea that the shape and size of your body should not be open to criticizing the public, and Islamic fashion leaders from across the Middle East reminds us that sometimes the best secret to a perfect robe is to keep your body the same ... clothes Loose fashions, modest attire, and wearing the hijab has become more effective for many than Nudity


Being modest in fashion has become influential for more 

Finally, the most important thing to know about modest fashion shouts from the Middle East is that being modest and at the same time modern influencing millions of women and men around the world, this not only gives them a sense of control over their bodies but also allows them to be true to what they want to wear and At the same time, they have complete freedom to be bold however they like with fashion ... because being modest has never been more amazing.

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