Information and methods for converting from black hair to blond for women


Information and methods for converting from black hair to blond for women


We all passed through the color of our hair and wanted to make a big change. But moving from a woman to a blond does not equal three inches or adding layers !.


This is a major shift. It is certainly possible for everyone (almost), but you have to be armed and ready with all the information you need before lighting. For your luck, we have researching and consulting with the best hair coloring specialists on this big change.


How to move from black hair to blond, without completely damaging your lock.


Can anyone move from a woman of yellow to a blond?


Yes, according to Chatija Solano, the founder and master painter at Butterfly Studio Salon in New York City, "as long as you think of some key factors: The history of the color of your hair, you can think of it. When you visit the salon, "be clear about your expectations and discuss the look you want, the feel of your hair, the history of your hair"

Solano recommends "be precise about your hair history in consultation, even if you think something is irrelevant.

"Your color should be transparent about how long and how many visits it will take depending on your hair," Solano says. "Don't rush - take your time, especially for those who have a long history of coloring, as keeping your hair as healthy as possible is always the highest priority."

The number of visits to the salon and the total time required will vary depending on the current color, shadow required, hair length, texture, and date. "But it usually takes some time to get to what you really want."

Nikki Lee, a consultant hairdresser from Garnier. This is an investment of time that must be considered before you begin to launder.

Garrone says. "Use your eyes to help choose the right shadow. "Look at your eye color, if there are warmer or cooler shades, and match your hair color to that." This can be a very useful guide, where your skin color can change with the seasons. Your eye color will always be a real indication of the degree to be "


Set the time to become a blond


Spend at least a few hours. Solano explains: "If you have Virgin hair (not colored), it will always be easier to move from a woman of yellow to a blond."

The early hair is healthier and more powerful than the dye/processor and is therefore better able to handle this process. It will rise evenly, while pre-colored hair can rise to different levels in different places, which means it may be difficult to get the color equally.

"If you have a permanent color in your hair history, this is still possible, but you must make sure that your hair dye plan is implemented." First and foremost, when you reach the salon, "it is also necessary to test a strand [where the dye of hair tests the dye of hair on a hidden little section of hair]".

"Depending on the color of your previous hair, this hairdresser will give an idea of whether it is possible to achieve the goal of your hair color." The section test will test porosity and hair flexibility to show you how easy (or difficult) it is to open brown shadow. This usually takes 15 to 30 minutes and will help evaluate the lightness of your hair.


The actual process of getting blond varies depending on several factors:


The first brown shade, the shade required for the buying, the history of the hair,

Garrone adds that the natural texture of hair can affect how it is lifted and what it can handle. "Tough hair can be more fragile, but it can lift very quickly, and thicker or rough hair can be stronger, but it takes longer to lift," he says.

But in general, Solano says, "getting two lighter grades of natural brown requires you to use bleach." If you want double whitening (shiny blond, platinum blond or platinum blond), you will probably need two bleach applications respectively, which will take at least four hours.

A specialist says, "the hair accepts the color with open arms when it is also healthy; when your hair is damaged and you try to open it, it will break. "Garrone adds," usually lifts the easiest and fastest healthy hair. "That's why you want your hair to look better before it gets blond.

Solano recommends the use of deep conditioning treatments a month before, such as OGX extra strength Hydrate

Also, try to reduce the heat of your hair a few weeks before you go to the blond hair. Come to the salon with new, unwashed hair.

Garrone explains that regardless of the level of buying you want, "it should always come with a very dirty and very undirty hair"

"If your hair is washed that day, the product may irritate your clean scalp recently, and if your hair is heavily soiled, its natural oil can stop and stop the lightning process."


How do you gradually become a blond?


Highlights the best way to gradually get blond. "Start slowly with a small amount so that your hair and eyes get used to it and add more slowly each time until you reach the buying you're looking for,"


Can you dye the brown, blond hair at home?


Not usually, you may end up damaging your hair according to experts!

“the pigeon’s tone will be good for a gradual transition, but not from brown to blond,” Solano said. "It is difficult because it tends to inflict damage, and it often leaves a copper color Tanna, which may be difficult to deal with afterward." Instead, use the dye-based DIY touches at home, after finishing your first color in the salon.


Can you move from a black woman to a blond without bleach?


All experts agree: Not easily.

Garrone explains: "The color (without bleach) can lift your hair, but only at low levels, which is likely to leave your skin's shadow looking orange and pure."


How do you keep your blond hair healthy?


Minimize the heat and let your hair dry in the air as much as possible. Reduce the temperature of your hot tools to prevent damage and always use a pre-heat shield on all threads.


Try the shower filter, such as Raindrops, to help prevent the color of the blond hair from becoming dull. Combine shampoo and purple balm, Use deep Airconditioning and weekly masks to keep your hair moisture.