You're a female gender, I'll explain how to get away from feeling insecure

You're a female gender, I'll explain how to get away from feeling insecure


The woman is half of society, she is the one who constitutes one of the pillars of the house, and if this woman is not sufficiently meaningful, the house may fall into an unjust mud! So it is such an important element!


The woman though is weak! She really needs a man, but a lot of women don't have a man or rather are unmarried!


A woman, it may become clear from her face that she is happy and well, but that is not true if we look inside and she feels very isolated, this isolation may cause her to feel after emotional safety or insecurity in general.


Do you feel insecure because you are single and living alone? Time to correct this feeling. What options do you really have? Read on to find out.


She categorized the women into five possible groups and presented them with solutions:


Single (teen to a single woman)

Of course, you will live with your original family during this time. But if you live in a foster home or with adoptive parents, you will be under their care.


If either of the last two options is a threat to you, talk to someone you know well for help. You can seek help from the police department as well. Be bold and stand up straight. Time to claim your strength.


Divorced without children

If you are a divorced lady without children, you can enter the world of dating again, a little more careful and wary this time. It is possible that God will help you find a more suitable partner this time. Forge a bond of trust with your new partner, and feel safe. As always, demand your strength.


Single mothers

Single mothers can either stay single, go to school and get a job, and take care of their child, or they can marry a loyal and loyal man, whom she trusts. You are raising your child from your first marriage in the presence of your new partner after your previous story captures him.


You do not need to tell him all the problems but only what is important and necessary for him to accept your child. Based on trust and love, you can build a family and a home again without feeling insecure.


In the event that a single mother decides to work, she must find a suitable daycare center or school where her child is safe, and the mother and her child must be safe in the apartment that she rents.


She will have to research a little where to stay, find out about safety measures, and maintain contact with the police. This life is more challenging but it's her choice and her ability to claim.


He did not marry one woman

This category of women is rare but found in various corners of society.


They can choose to stay with the original family or the family of a married brother/sister or they can stay alone in an apartment where there is sufficient security.


Again like single mothers who prefer to pursue a career, she needs to research a little bit about where she will be staying and if it is safe enough, yes, she can go to her new home. It is also a good idea to know if the owner allows pets.


Then she can have a pet dog who can monitor her home. She must be at peace with her new secluded home and by all means, demanding her strength when needed.




Married women with/without children may be highly dependent on their husbands for emotional or family support.


My advice to these women is to learn to be as independent as possible, to develop emotional intelligence, and take care of the family as much as possible. Then you can request your partner's help in any of the areas including solving problems that you cannot solve on your own.


The first step in any of the areas mentioned above would be to regain your strength and do things your way.


In short, these are options for different classes of women who do not need to feel insecure but who can claim their rights and live happily and peacefully afterward.