What about this year's winter fashion trends?


What about this year's winter fashion trends?


The ideal trends in fashion are many, and they sometimes differ from one season to another, for example, the winter jacket has ideal trends that differ from the jacket in the summer or that summer shirt.


Many women like to go to Haute couture, many of them are keen to compete in clothing and to appear in a view that is more beautiful than others, and this view differs from one society to another.


Eve is always keen to keep up with everything new in the ideal trends in the fashion world, inline with her personality, so that she appears in her most beautiful elegance, so Arab fashion designer Israa Adel explains the Fall-Winter 2021 fashion in the following lines to choose the most suitable for you.


Colors of winter 2021

Israa explained that bold colors are fashionable in the fall and winter of 2021, most notably the camel color, whose presence has become to compete with black in winter clothes.


The colors this year have varied in more than one degree, not only the dark colors as is usual in winter clothes, including fiery red, purple and blue in various degrees, as well as green and metallic.


Winter 2021 inscriptions

 The fashion design world and fashion designer indicated that there were also several discussions that led to winter clothes, including the "houndstooth pattern" and the karaoke. As for the cuts, the most prominent was the story of the puffed sleeves, the wide clothes, and the leather pants in all their cuts.


Velour was the most important textile manufacturer this year, and it is now found in many pieces of clothing in various degrees, such as jacket, pants, and pocket.


The leather long petticoat is one of the most important pieces of clothing that are indispensable in winter, and also the "high-cool".


The German magazine "Freunden" published several forms of strange inscriptions for winter fashion this year, and said that this season's clothes are decorated with patterns of zebra skin, including coats, pullovers, dresses, pants, skirts, shoes, bags, and belts to give the appearance an attractive touch that catches the eye and gives A distinctive look, and the distinctive color combination of zebra skin, which consists of white and black, and there are other color combinations such as white and khaki, white and brown, black and khaki, and black and gray.


Regarding the inscriptions «Zebra», the stark influence is reduced by coordinating the pieces decorated with it with others in a calm neutral colors such as beige, brown, and gray.


The magazine reported that getting an Haute couture and ideal trends for everyday life can be done by harmonizing the metallic clothing with jeans, stylish canvas pants, with a boot or high-heeled shoes.